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I would love a WordPress version of this.

Posted by jennurz on Apr 21, 10 9:54 pm

This is such a beautiful layout, I love it! :D Will this work on 2.0?

Posted by AnnoyingTiger888 on Jan 2, 10 11:32 pm

Do music players not work with this layout? My profile no longer plays music.

Posted by NinaChristine on Sep 26, 09 4:17 pm

Heyyyy!! this is awsome, I must have been gone for ay while because you're layouts are looking way2x different, they look awsome.. esp.. now that the links are in the middle and I can either make lots n lots or standard, LOL you're so awsome fainaru, keep it up.. n I will remain a fan 4ever!!

Posted by Breon on Sep 10, 09 12:49 pm

You do beautiful work. Keep it up! Seriously! Love you!

Posted by mariamariposa on Sep 5, 09 2:33 pm

Omg, gorgeous. I love the colors!

Posted by tokyo-rose on Aug 25, 09 6:21 pm

This is reallyyyy pretty! I love the colors and textures!

Posted by dilligrout on Aug 23, 09 9:06 pm

*bows down*

Posted by goth-nina on Aug 20, 09 12:45 am


Posted by lesliewelcomesyou on Aug 18, 09 8:07 pm

love it, as usual.

Posted by smash on Aug 18, 09 7:19 pm

Thanks everyone! I really like this one too :D :D All your comments definitely make everything worth while!

Posted by fainaru on Aug 18, 09 6:44 pm

Another great job! I did not expect anything less. The colors are fantastic. :o)

Posted by Karisa85 on Aug 18, 09 5:55 pm

Again, nice. =]

Posted by MemoriesWithin on Aug 18, 09 5:34 pm

wow this is really nice! reminded me of alex's.

Posted by emberfly on Aug 18, 09 5:28 pm

this is amazing!

Posted by impurities on Aug 18, 09 2:31 pm

So pretty:)

Posted by aliiicimo on Aug 18, 09 11:29 am

OMFG wb! I don't need to really comment on anything on this layout, because you already know what I'm going to say. ;D

Posted by Mikeplyts on Aug 18, 09 10:34 am

beautiful coloring

Posted by cloudeddayze on Aug 18, 09 9:15 am

Zomfg, bloody awesome!
I miss you! :(

Posted by Decode on Aug 18, 09 9:02 am

Oh Wow!How Beautiful!!!
You always use the best color combinations x)
Good Job!Keep Up The Great Work!!

Posted by Snaily on Aug 18, 09 7:54 am

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