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looks like a ripoff

Posted by miyashu on Mar 20, 13 1:16 am

I CANT CONVERT BACK TO PROFILE 1.0 ! Ugh Have Anythin For 2.0 ?

Posted by CrazyyLiddoJeronn on Oct 11, 10 10:20 pm

I like everything about this layout.

Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 9, 10 3:15 pm

So beautiful...

Posted by bratykat on Mar 22, 10 1:36 pm

w o w

Posted by emmijane on Mar 6, 10 6:38 am

will be my next lay out on myspace thank u

Posted by harlemchick on Dec 20, 09 1:07 pm

hello am Melissa and i was wondering if you could do my some layoutfor meD:? you do them really nice oness am starting a business i want a really cool pro layout it a photography business like i shoot models :)could you help me?

Posted by mellymurderer on Dec 5, 09 1:21 pm

heyy i really really love this layout but i have myspace 2.0 and it wont let me use it. is there anyway this is going to work for me? i really hope we can get it to work =)

Posted by VilleBamSkateLove on Nov 11, 09 5:42 am


Posted by sleepwalkwithme on Oct 21, 09 9:20 pm

is there any way i could use this with 2.0? i can't switch back to 1.0 and i really love this layout.


Posted by dooditscourt on Oct 15, 09 6:53 pm

i love this layout!. :)
thank you for making it.

Posted by katestrider on Oct 8, 09 9:05 am

i wish i understood all this french! HELP!

Posted by laceysfire on Oct 1, 09 3:28 am

I love this, though I don't know where to put the friendID for my comments and 'add'. Could you please help me?

Posted by absentfromearth on Sep 19, 09 1:43 pm

love love love itt.
great lyrics, too

Posted by hopskotch93 on Sep 13, 09 9:34 pm

Hi! I was just wondering if it'd be okay if I used your layout and just separated the text box into 2 or 4 separate ones, for organizational purposes? Because I adore your layout, but having just one box for stuff never works well for me. Would that be okay with you??

Posted by BwriiBwear on Sep 9, 09 11:43 am

this layout is awesome and i love how it has lyrics from songs i love, like 'you belong with me' and 'everything' :)

Posted by sambee on Aug 31, 09 6:35 pm

There arent any scroll bars in the about me...it just gets cut off

Posted by lizzay2 on Aug 26, 09 5:20 pm

Very nice rollovers.

Posted by tokyo-rose on Aug 25, 09 6:31 pm

I love it, even though it is a bit busy.

Posted by dilligrout on Aug 25, 09 5:57 pm

nice, i love it.
the rollovers are basic but a really good touch(:
i also like the torn-edges look.

Posted by samanthaxrandom on Aug 15, 09 10:11 pm

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