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This doesn't work on Friendster.

Posted by jiyong on Aug 18, 09 1:59 am

how to passte the code to friendster...???any who cant help me...

Posted by pengantinbarurifa on Aug 18, 09 1:56 am

Ya, I don't know why but this layout doesn't work at all for me, the only thing that happens is the background image shows up in my 'Who i'd like to meet' section. wtf?

Posted by ch0ppednscr3w3d on Aug 17, 09 1:42 pm

How do I add a picture of me in this

Posted by purplenirvana on Aug 12, 09 10:25 pm

nicely done.

Posted by daisyy-yupp on Jul 17, 09 1:20 am

This is so nice and basic. The only thing about it that bothers me is there is too much glow on the thick black pieces.

Posted by YDG on Jul 15, 09 8:47 pm

Nice and simple, yet very beautiful. Good job!

Posted by Karisa85 on Jul 10, 09 4:15 pm

Very nice.

Posted by Naekipz on Jul 10, 09 3:32 am

this is awesome :D

Posted by TeamGX on Jul 9, 09 3:31 pm

Simple and yet super pretty :D

Posted by geeriku on Jul 9, 09 3:41 am

i like the stripe brushes and the colors.

Posted by smash on Jul 9, 09 1:44 am

purtyyy. :D

Posted by Mikeplyts on Jul 8, 09 11:47 pm

Nice image.

Posted by tokyo-rose on Jul 8, 09 10:32 pm

WoW! i love this one! nice work. :)

Posted by ms-melanie on Jul 8, 09 10:14 pm

o0 its pretty go0d

Posted by itwaslikerawr on Jul 8, 09 8:47 pm

It's gorgeous! :DD

Posted by PHANtastic on Jul 8, 09 7:24 pm

Gorgeous! Great job!

Posted by CandyPop on Jul 8, 09 7:24 pm

very cool. nice job with the abstract brushes too

Posted by alek on Jul 8, 09 7:19 pm

Nice Colors :D
Good Job!

Posted by Snaily on Jul 8, 09 7:10 pm

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