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This is really nice.

Posted by Butterface89 on Sep 11, 10 10:44 am

I like this, but the incorrect grammar would drive me insane.

Posted by emberfly on Oct 19, 09 12:29 am

haha freakin people talking about the box being like rolling papers, it's kinda hilarious.

I like this layout, I probably wont use it though. Even though I don't do drugs, or anything else for that matter, I'd feel like even more of a nerd than I already am if I used this.

Posted by ChelsieChokeHold on Aug 14, 09 3:51 pm

i cannot get this to work, im really good with these type of layouts...
the background will not show up

Posted by Blackcatz4Life on May 21, 09 9:45 pm

very nice

Posted by cloudeddayze on May 6, 09 8:58 am

I have to say: Great Job. I love it. :D

Posted by alecreations on Apr 2, 09 2:36 am

Aw, orange! Of course I love it!! :) Awesome job.

Posted by oranger0cks on Mar 31, 09 8:10 pm

This is awesome.

Posted by leeshaleeann on Mar 31, 09 7:35 pm


Posted by koobecaf on Mar 31, 09 7:13 pm

This Is Very Cool!I Like The Colors,
and the Text Is Neat Too!Good Job :D!

Posted by Snaily on Mar 31, 09 7:11 pm

haha thats not the idea behind that..
but alright lol whatever

Posted by alek on Mar 31, 09 7:01 pm

hahaha at iwontrapeyou I thought the same thing
but it is a sweet layout though i wouldnt use it because well...

Posted by Tramatize on Mar 31, 09 6:55 pm

lol, it's funny because the white box reminded me of a rolling paper.

Nice job.

Posted by AbbeyMarie on Mar 31, 09 6:51 pm

I really like this. I envy anyone who can actually work with text.

Posted by schizo on Mar 31, 09 6:48 pm

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