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wow nice job,and the friend list its perfect, do you add your friends? message me plz

Posted by DEYSHANG92 on Sep 1, 09 7:20 pm

how do u take out da snowboarding dude..??

Posted by Isabel-b94 on Jul 17, 09 6:26 pm
cum listen to my music

Posted by MEEKTNR on Jun 20, 09 11:22 am

I love this layout. but i can't get it to display my top friends.:/// can you help me with this?

Posted by killerkels3 on Jun 14, 09 10:10 pm

This is one of my favorite layouts. You know me and Camo. You really are getting really good at this. I can't wait for your newest layout. Hee hee hee, I know what it is... It is going to be so amazing!!!

Posted by zerosgirl777 on Mar 28, 09 12:41 am

luv it

Posted by maxzibit on Mar 26, 09 6:29 am

cool layout

Posted by Medi on Mar 12, 09 12:29 pm

RE: codygliss -- Well if you are going to use this layout I can do everything for you. Let me know.

Posted by ZeroGrafics on Mar 9, 09 2:26 am

i forgot how you did these. I mean put your friends pics on the top friends and crap damn i hate html or whatever u call this

Posted by codygliss on Mar 7, 09 9:51 pm

^_^ Good. I really do love your work. You and schizo are amazing. And to KasLynn, thank you. That means a lot to me. :)

Posted by ZeroGrafics on Mar 6, 09 5:56 am

oh wow i didnt even realize about the content--that is so sweet of you. thank you. that really made my day!

Posted by michellekdo on Mar 6, 09 2:31 am

awesome lyt!!!!

Posted by michellekdo on Mar 6, 09 2:18 am

I love this layout. The image is amazing. and its just like wow.

Posted by KasLynn on Mar 5, 09 6:13 pm

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