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A great layout!

Posted by Butterface89 on Sep 23, 10 6:04 am

I loooove this layout. i think you should try it higher up so people instantly see the navigation. For some reason i have a youtube video at the top?

Posted by ilvmusic77 on Oct 17, 09 12:35 pm

I like it, but it's a little too hard to see.

Posted by RainFallAtUryo on May 8, 09 9:30 pm

I hate having scroll bars. But I'm definitely using this one. :]

Posted by starrdemon on Mar 17, 09 4:29 pm

Awesome background!

Posted by Medi on Mar 16, 09 5:40 pm


Posted by foundry on Mar 6, 09 2:30 am

Very creative, I like this.

Posted by sweetalacrity on Mar 3, 09 2:56 pm

I love this but I think the body should be edited.. somehow.. it just doesn't look like text should go there..

Posted by dilligrout on Mar 2, 09 5:30 am

love the colors and texture of the background : )

Posted by crimsonsorrow on Mar 1, 09 3:12 am

I like this a lot. Great job (:

Posted by futura on Mar 1, 09 2:34 am

i think that the body should be moved a little higher up on the page, but i love the background (: it's soo pretty

Posted by jiyong on Feb 28, 09 3:42 pm

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