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You made this so magical :-) 'ts fantastic.

Posted by emberfly on Jul 1, 09 6:34 pm

Haha, wow I like this alot :D
the first good one of Alice that I've seen ^^
Also, I love the font for "about me" would you mind sharing? :]

Posted by SubstitutexSoulxReaper on Feb 14, 09 1:35 pm

I love Alice too! She's my favorite character :p

Posted by Eww on Feb 4, 09 5:19 pm

LOVE THIS! She's my fave character in the books by far. =D

Posted by mcflylover on Jan 30, 09 6:17 pm

omg i love this! jasper is my fav tho. do u think u could make on of him? i would totally understand if u couldnt. i dont know how to make div layouts.. lol but if u can make one of jasper aka jackson rathbone i would just love it. thanks.

Posted by jackson-rathbone-islove on Jan 28, 09 3:07 pm

pretty! i love the how simple it looks, not too much going on =)

Posted by mystiicdesigns on Jan 28, 09 2:20 pm

Very pretty. I love the colors and the simplicity of it.


Posted by Hxn01 on Jan 28, 09 12:39 am

OK WHO EVER MADE THIS!!! i love you now :) nice work.

Posted by ms-melanie on Jan 27, 09 8:48 pm

awseome colors!

Posted by MonsterJunkie on Jan 27, 09 8:23 pm

i feel bad for not going to see the movie..luckily i have the books...but Alice is beautiful!!!Good Job!!!

Posted by Snaily on Jan 27, 09 7:33 pm

Nice!!Alice is the best

Posted by ironicsilence on Jan 27, 09 4:46 pm

i love this book and movie are you going to make more of the other characters?

Posted by deadlydesire45 on Jan 27, 09 1:02 pm

Finally! Something that doesn't involve Bella and Edward as much as I love their pairing. Alice has got to be one of my faves in the book and movie along with Jasper. Anyway, you did a wonderful job with this layout.

Posted by ExtractedMemories on Jan 26, 09 6:51 pm

This looks amazing!
I love Alice too :D

Posted by ChristaJean on Jan 26, 09 6:06 pm

^...yeah...the red eyes are creepin me out.
other than that it's an awesome layout!

Posted by Jadeforce5 on Jan 26, 09 6:46 am

"Because I LOVE Alice ^_^"

who doesn't ? xD

nice layout♥

Posted by eSTReLLiTaFuGaZ on Jan 26, 09 1:50 am

Nice layout. I love Alice. :)

Posted by tasteofink on Jan 26, 09 1:44 am

Why'd you resubmit?
I'd leave it as it is. I think it looks fantastic. :D

Posted by schizo on Jan 25, 09 11:35 pm

Sweet Jesus! I'm bouncing off the walls with how amazing this is!

Posted by melancholiclights on Jan 25, 09 11:10 pm

Very nice :D But why are her eyes red?

Posted by dosomethin888 on Jan 25, 09 10:05 pm

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