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it wont show my about me section on my profile and i did the friend id thing... any suggestions???

Posted by jmotteler on Feb 1, 09 4:48 am

this is definately one of the prettiest layouts iv seen in my life!! great work!!

Posted by PaperMacheMan on Jan 11, 09 10:06 pm

i love this!!

Posted by TheQueen504 on Dec 25, 08 3:41 pm

Oh my. This is quite beautiful.
I think I shall use this.

Posted by obiwankendrobi on Dec 19, 08 5:25 pm

very nice.
love the image and how it's blended nicely into the background.
also the brushes surrounding it.

Posted by lolitalove on Dec 17, 08 3:27 am

love it.. added to faves ;)

Posted by JMaisonlilhouse on Dec 13, 08 12:24 pm

I love this. (:

Posted by alecreations on Dec 12, 08 7:00 pm

love ittt

Posted by jiyong on Dec 12, 08 12:47 am

I absolutely love the image ♥

Posted by sleepwalkwithme on Dec 11, 08 5:19 pm

I like the banner and the colors. :D

Posted by dreamgurl36 on Dec 11, 08 10:25 am

You know what. I love your layouts an insane amount. If I weren't excessively talkative and needing the world's largest content area, I would have yours on my pro always. (Y)

Posted by Brighter on Dec 11, 08 6:49 am

You are defiantly one of my favorite designers on cb :D

Posted by none345678 on Dec 11, 08 12:18 am

damn that's beautiful

Posted by emberfly on Dec 11, 08 12:13 am

Very nice! :D I love the image, and what you did around it with the scratches on the black. Looks amazing.

Posted by Naekipz on Dec 10, 08 11:45 pm

This is really pretty (:

Posted by Eww on Dec 10, 08 11:44 pm

wow. ♥

Posted by futura on Dec 10, 08 11:19 pm

fixed the image. :)

Posted by goth-nina on Dec 10, 08 11:10 pm

the image doesn't show up
looking at the screenshot, great job

Posted by twodreamlovers on Dec 10, 08 10:54 pm

very pretty.
as always! :)

Posted by diputs on Dec 10, 08 10:38 pm

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