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So happy that you solved the problem. :)

Posted by Katinka on Nov 13, 08 12:50 pm

i ended up just using the marquee.. :) lol i suck at explaining things! thanksss.. love this layout =)

Posted by cloudeddayze on Nov 13, 08 12:24 pm

Oh oh I am a bit lost. You mean you would like to have a scroll box in the navigation area? Will sort it out. I just need to know where you want it and what type of code you use.

Thank you for using it and for the comment. I am so happy.

Posted by Katinka on Nov 13, 08 9:52 am

wowwww.. i'm using this and i'm in love with it.. really turned out beautifully.

so, i usually always add my friends in a scroll box to layouts.. i tried on this one.. and it's not working for some reason? myspace.com/cloudeddayze

any ideas? if you view my source.. the coding is there underneath "my friends"..

Posted by cloudeddayze on Nov 13, 08 9:18 am

Thank you, it turns out i did accidentally delete part of it. I just had not realized it. Now my second concern is the music player. ive seen people complain before is there a certain code i have to put in? Well i have a playlist from playlist.com and it will not show up on this layout. Unless i have to put it in a certain place. Im not sure what to do. Thank you =]

Posted by taraboo2007 on Nov 11, 08 11:57 pm

I am afraid you messed up the codes somehow cause I used this layout for a while and worked well.

I don't know how to help but please make sure you were not deleting something. Even a tiny letter or sign deleted/moved/altered can make things go wrong.

Thank you so very much for the comment.

Posted by Katinka on Nov 11, 08 6:58 pm

hey, by the way i totally lvoe this layout. its simply beautiful. I really want to use it but there is only one problem. At the top where it would say boring facts about me, It will not show that at all. It will show the image but it wont show the text that is supposed to be next to it. I dont know if its something i did wrong or what. but i need help please, i really want to use this layout. Thanks. =]

Posted by taraboo2007 on Nov 11, 08 6:07 pm

Thank you so very much for the comments. I am so happy you liked my layout.
Well, what happens is that some try to put a music player on and mess it up somehow and then they write a comment on how the code is not being accurate or musicplayer friendly. And it is not true, they should just try again more carefully. But that comment confuse others. It is always worth a try before write. :)
Thank you again.

Posted by Katinka on Nov 10, 08 6:10 am

okay thank you! because it looks awesome on my music profile, and I see some comments about music not working? but it works for me!

Posted by lovelylanebella on Nov 9, 08 9:11 pm

I have not tried the custom myspace musicplayer but any other music player works perfectly.

Posted by Katinka on Nov 9, 08 4:51 pm

will this work for music myspaces?

Posted by lovelylanebella on Nov 9, 08 4:47 pm

oh really? thx
cuz i tried one of ur layout b4 and the music wont out so
anyway thx

Posted by RazzleDazzle142 on Nov 9, 08 3:16 pm

Hi! Thank you for the comment!
But I cannot really understand your problem. It is allowed to use music on this site. I just checked, any musicplayer works lovely on the site. Either in the navigation, or in the contact area.
Create a music player and paste the code whereever you like.
Good luck!

Posted by Katinka on Nov 7, 08 7:20 pm

is there any way u can put music in this layout
plz plz plz do something about it
i can't take it as my layout cuz the music's not allowed

Posted by RazzleDazzle142 on Nov 7, 08 7:09 pm

Pretty flower banner. :D

Posted by dreamgurl36 on Nov 7, 08 11:46 am

This is really cool, I love the banner!

Posted by SJalways on Nov 7, 08 10:38 am

Oh, so pretty. 'o'
I love the colors.

Posted by so-sarcastic on Nov 7, 08 9:58 am

I like it.

Posted by LissieDoll on Nov 7, 08 6:29 am

i love this one!

Posted by gFishy on Nov 7, 08 12:04 am

very pretty...

Posted by JuicyGraphics on Nov 6, 08 9:57 pm

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