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wow!! love it

Posted by gabrielacristina on Mar 6, 10 6:55 am

By far the coolest div layout I've seen. I'm using it :)

Posted by pinkgiraffe16 on Sep 13, 09 3:18 pm

Used it. =]

Posted by eamahsyrt on Sep 12, 09 2:59 pm

love the colours :]

Posted by impurities on Aug 18, 09 2:39 pm

i love the way the navigation is set up .
mannn , u r a genious ! loll :) .

Posted by m3m3luv07 on Jun 21, 09 1:52 pm

The hovers are my favourite part :]

Posted by x3Simplicity on May 30, 09 5:45 pm

I noticed what the problem was with the messages. (:



where it shows that, you have to remove the letter "U" placed in before the "http://mail..."

did that make sense? 'cause i suck at explaining. :D

Posted by UnWrittenNote on May 1, 09 9:29 pm

luv it

Posted by Sayde17 on Apr 14, 09 4:15 pm

any way of it showing comments?? if it did it would be perfect! lol

Posted by miamiElly on Apr 8, 09 9:15 am

picture? how do u do that?

Posted by marymorgan on Mar 30, 09 9:01 pm

i love all your works!

Posted by Jazfersure on Mar 17, 09 4:12 pm

how do you put you picture on it?? and why doesnt my message me link wont work?? please help

Posted by luzersrule101 on Mar 16, 09 10:49 am

How do you add the pictures?

Posted by stephy08 on Feb 23, 09 3:27 pm

i really love this layout ! i use it, but i have a little problem ! 'cause when i edit the headers, there's no espace between the words! they're all together! can u help me ? :( my.deathwishh@hotmail.com anyway, thnks ! :D

Posted by AnniDeathwish on Feb 10, 09 10:39 pm

The messaging link doesn't work, something must've went askew with those darn msplinks. Anyway, after fixing that, I found this layout to be lovely. (:
(Especially love the broken rainbow~)

Posted by blamethepants on Jan 25, 09 4:25 pm

hey i love the layout, but when i go to use it the "Message Me" link doesnt work?

Posted by SoulxNumb on Jan 19, 09 11:37 pm

i love the colors in this...i just wish that there were places that you could insert pictures.

Posted by SENORITA on Jan 19, 09 11:37 am


Posted by DommieGirlLovie on Jan 13, 09 9:17 pm

you have to upload your pic and put it on there like you would another pic or graphic. There is no code that will put the actual default pic on there.

Posted by none345678 on Jan 8, 09 9:48 pm

ok so i found out where the code goes for the pic.
but i cant get my default on it.
i have to find out what code to use now.

Posted by 1secret1pain on Jan 6, 09 6:23 am

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