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I think your CD label-link is a little too obnoxiously large, and throws off the feel of your layout, because it is a cool color and your layout is of warm colors. But, besides that, I really think you did a good job. I love the graphics. :)

Posted by lesliewelcomesyou on May 23, 10 7:40 am

its nice, but eh, I dont like how its divided into quarters...

Posted by koobecaf on Aug 30, 09 5:37 am

i LOVE the lights. i always invison those lights from my room, across the park. [:

Posted by goth-nina on Oct 11, 08 7:45 am

I really like this. The background picture is awesome. I'm debating making it my wallpaper.

Posted by xFabby on Oct 11, 08 6:58 am

i like this one; its different. :]

Posted by samanthaxrandom on Oct 5, 08 8:39 pm

Very great. Nice and simple and a LOT of room for your stuff!

Posted by dilligrout on Oct 5, 08 5:23 am

You need to add a "block" link to this.

Posted by tokyo-rose on Oct 4, 08 11:06 pm

This is beautiful.
I think it might look a little nicer if you didn't have the numbers next to the navigation, though.

Posted by Eww on Oct 3, 08 8:00 pm

nicely done.

Posted by futura on Oct 3, 08 4:17 pm

I love this. It reminds me of tunnels when it's cold and you see the random lights go past :]

Posted by Decode on Oct 3, 08 7:04 am

Wow! I love this one so much! Vibrant, elegant.

Posted by Katinka on Oct 2, 08 11:28 pm

yeah this is pretty great! I like it! May use it someday

Posted by Vaguememory on Oct 2, 08 10:27 pm

This is excellent. You're talented.

Posted by melancholiclights on Oct 2, 08 7:39 pm

I love the color and how there are 4 boxes. :]

Posted by none345678 on Oct 2, 08 6:56 pm

Wow, I really like this.

Posted by freeridefight on Oct 2, 08 6:53 pm

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