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Ooh I love it! It's 's.c.a.r.y.' Ha ha!

Posted by Butterface89 on Sep 3, 10 12:20 pm

I absolutely love this layout, i would use it but it doesn't have an about me ):

Posted by fuckmehard21 on Aug 17, 09 1:29 pm

This is VERY awesome! Is there another version that maybe on each side under the candle lights, there are spots to write???

Posted by angelcollins on Apr 6, 09 7:42 pm

you probably have the most original DIV's on here :D

Posted by patternhouses on Feb 20, 09 9:24 pm

I really really like this, but an about me section would be nice.
and if the comments were hidden.

Posted by sabbi on Nov 10, 08 9:00 pm

I really like this one and i have a question do you make the skull background?
cause i really like it xD

Posted by dream-death on Oct 25, 08 4:32 pm

It's beautiful ^.^

Posted by Firiath on Oct 24, 08 5:05 am

THIS is beautiful & gives ya that creepy feeling. AWESOME WORK [;

Posted by goth-nina on Oct 24, 08 12:50 am

This is a great layout. I think It could do without the mini music player under the self though, adds a bit to much to it, but then again I suck at making layout. This and Your pumpkin one are both amazing, good job.

Posted by CDH on Oct 21, 08 6:37 pm

Would you mind at all if I removed the comment part before I used this. I don't want to edit your code at all, but I just don't like everyone reading my comments.

Posted by MissFits on Oct 18, 08 1:03 pm

Just gotta add a single song like you would on a normal myspace, doesnt really work with playlists.

Posted by PaperMyPlate on Oct 17, 08 8:48 pm

i CAN NOT for the life of me get music to work on my profile.
is it something to do with the format of the code?

Posted by kato4 on Oct 17, 08 7:42 pm

I love all your profiles so much. cant express enough how amazing this is. Flawless.

Posted by Missvan722 on Oct 16, 08 12:19 am

whoa this is nice

Posted by alexawesomerezac on Oct 15, 08 7:52 pm

Can you make this with an about me section? I love it but there's no where to add anything about yourself. Please??!

Posted by Kokubo on Oct 15, 08 9:39 am

cooooooooooooooolest layout i have seen for halloweeen !

Posted by angelsmile820 on Oct 14, 08 1:26 am

This is GREAT!!! I love that it is a div layout, but there isn't as much work putting in the codes and all. I edited the code by hiding my comments, do to the pretty dirt comments my boyfriends leaves me...not alterting your code at all just adding a code in a different section. this is lovely.

Posted by vampbabe155 on Oct 11, 08 12:16 pm

This is very creative. Love the design.

Posted by iSbl on Oct 10, 08 5:44 am

this is different, I love it!

Posted by TaintedSakura on Oct 7, 08 5:45 pm

your designs seem to be standing out a lot to me. another great design and i love it.

Posted by eMarie2470 on Oct 7, 08 3:53 pm

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