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This is absolutely beautiful!
I love all of the rich, warm autumn hues. :)

Posted by iERIKA on Sep 23, 09 11:39 pm


Posted by calilani on Mar 24, 09 2:40 pm

already have my autum layout 4 next yr!!

Posted by JMaisonlilhouse on Dec 5, 08 7:27 pm

How do I get the photo's to work?? It's not letting people click on it...

Posted by amyscreations on Oct 20, 08 2:29 pm

The border around the content is very nice. :)

Posted by dreamgurl36 on Oct 11, 08 7:58 am

i love your layout! and my name is Autumn so it is perfect!!! thanks

Posted by dancewitmex3 on Oct 3, 08 11:57 pm

This is really beautiful. I love the frames around the about me. The only thing I think that would be nicer is if the background matched the overlay? And if the comment box were decked out like the about me, that would be nice too.
But great job.

Posted by lilychouchou on Sep 25, 08 8:08 pm

its really nice i like the frame and colors.

Posted by williecinderslog on Sep 24, 08 10:23 pm

VERY pretty. I love it.
The image is amazing, so are the colors.

Posted by xFabby on Sep 24, 08 5:35 pm

What do you mean it was not working? At all? I checked. It did when I submitted :( Now I am worried...

Posted by Katinka on Sep 22, 08 11:54 pm

It's not working for some reason

Posted by giantlilliputian on Sep 22, 08 8:10 pm

could you tell me how to hide the bottom links !?
ive been trying to find a code that would do it and i jst
cant find one .
its a mojor hassle in my type of layout .

Posted by vmesquivel333 on Sep 21, 08 6:17 pm

i absolutely adore this. i wish you'd have it in standard as well, but either way you did an amazing job! wow. kudos. ;)

Posted by roglows on Sep 21, 08 3:43 pm

Oooo yay! I'm swapping my layout again so I can use this one! Thanks for changing it to say Autumn. :)

Posted by lostinside1 on Sep 21, 08 3:25 pm

I love the look of this layout. It is so organized. It looks so good! :]

Posted by YDG on Sep 21, 08 1:46 pm

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