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I am using this right now, it's amazing! Must know HTML and CSS though, or you'll get a little mixed up!

Posted by SnarphBlat on Dec 10, 08 2:42 pm

I love the outcomes of all your layouts! :]

Posted by YDG on Sep 21, 08 1:49 pm

Oh my god, I LOVE these light colors!

Posted by tokyo-rose on Sep 21, 08 11:02 am

You're killing me with all these amazing layouts. ♥

Posted by melancholiclights on Sep 20, 08 11:50 pm

I love this. It's so clean cut and fresh. Nicely done.

Posted by livwho on Sep 20, 08 11:27 pm

One word: Amazing. Good job on it.:)

Posted by Anwen on Sep 20, 08 7:56 pm

This is breathtaking! Congratulations!

Posted by Katinka on Sep 20, 08 7:46 pm

This is the most beautiful layout I've seen in my life. And past life, I know these things.

Posted by AbbeyMarie on Sep 20, 08 7:27 pm

Oh, my god. This is so beautiful. Excellent job, as usual. ;D

Posted by Naekipz on Sep 20, 08 7:14 pm

Is this layout single? 'Cause I'd like to marry it.

Posted by schizo on Sep 20, 08 7:13 pm

again cool layouts oh oh and and and ... i LOVE THAT BLUE YOU USED!!!!!!!!^_^

Posted by JRock-Layouts-and-Graphics on Sep 20, 08 6:42 pm

Another amazing layout! I love it! Great job!

Posted by dilligrout on Sep 20, 08 6:26 pm

Thank you Amanda! ^_^
This one is a personal favourite of mine XD

Posted by fainaru on Sep 20, 08 6:06 pm

Amazing layout.

Posted by Blaqheartedstar on Sep 20, 08 6:05 pm

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