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Cute. :P

Posted by QUEENB09 on May 4, 09 9:04 pm

how do you put a pic in the picture box?

Posted by jjeter07 on Oct 30, 08 10:13 pm

it's called Jellyka's Castle Queen

Posted by emmijane on Oct 24, 08 9:41 pm

very cute! going to use. what font did you use for 'fashion' ?

Posted by x0melzie on Oct 24, 08 3:30 pm

using, jealous. love it!

Posted by oddgurlx on Sep 22, 08 10:42 pm

um can u please tell me where to put the picture? cuz this is an awesome layout and i wanna use it but u didnt say where to put the picture. plz plz plz plz plz answer

Posted by cidney4ever on Sep 22, 08 9:02 pm


Posted by zebrababe87 on Sep 22, 08 3:26 am

OH THIS IS SOOOOOOOOO GORGEOUS! The colors compliment each other well, and YELLOW is one of my FAVORITE colorz, so I am definately adding this to my favorites^_^ ! Awesome job!!!!

Posted by ravishingdiamondz on Sep 13, 08 7:15 pm

i heart this layout.

Posted by MagicalGlam on Sep 13, 08 2:30 pm

Yaay It got approved :D i love thiis .
added 2 favorites ;)

Posted by x-hotchocbun-x on Sep 13, 08 12:00 am

i love how bright this is.

Posted by aaayotiffany on Sep 12, 08 10:42 pm

Dude, this is really awesome.
I love your ideas. :D

Posted by so-sarcastic on Sep 12, 08 8:56 pm

Very nicely put together.

Posted by shadowkissed on Sep 12, 08 8:42 pm

what other fashion page?

Posted by emmijane on Sep 12, 08 7:13 pm

nice. i like this one better than that other fashion page.

Posted by koobecaf on Sep 12, 08 6:36 pm


Posted by neinernever on Sep 12, 08 6:34 pm

haha, i usually hate yellow too, but i also think it looks amazing here.
Scizo beat me to it :p
great job, really awesome :)

Posted by SammyTheHeadbutt on Sep 12, 08 5:48 pm

I love the colors in this. I typically hate yellow, but it looks good here.

Posted by schizo on Sep 12, 08 5:34 pm

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