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HOLY MOTHER OF PEARLS WOMAN. this is extatic. :) I love you for this. Because you know this Obama tops allllllllllllllllllllll the other ones on this site! and because my little "i wont rape u" chicka knows her stuff!

Posted by koobecaf on Apr 30, 09 3:23 am

Love this layout. EXACTLY the kind I was looking for. You should make more like this

Posted by BamBamBoogie on Nov 20, 08 8:37 pm

ok are you an obama suporter?
beacuse if you are that isnt quite the best word to use:obamanation.
why? first it sounds like oh bomb a nation and it also sounds like abomination.
lol i just cought it and had to sat something

Posted by hahahabored on Nov 12, 08 5:14 pm


Posted by wwefanation on Nov 7, 08 7:27 pm

Lol, Devil backwards is lived. So like duh? >.>

Posted by YumiTsubaki on Nov 4, 08 11:19 pm

question tho. is it just me, or is this kinda buggy ..it only covers half of my page ..contact me

Posted by Ellz on Nov 4, 08 9:22 pm

so glad i voted already. good luck world

Posted by Ellz on Nov 4, 08 8:19 pm

i wish i could vote.

Posted by captobvious on Oct 27, 08 7:05 pm

I like the layout, nice colors, but some crazy redneck is gonna shoot Obama if he wins this election.

Posted by ilovedanielradcliffe on Oct 25, 08 11:56 pm

Yup, just put a comment box around where it says header 2 and what not.

Thanks everyone.

Posted by none345678 on Oct 17, 08 5:27 pm

Is there anyway to add a comment section or my friends list?

Posted by StickyKeys633 on Oct 17, 08 1:02 pm

i absolutely love this layout !
just love all of it ! lol
thanks for makinq it because i have no freakinq clue on how to make divs :)

Posted by AmberSoFly on Oct 15, 08 6:33 pm

I agree with deemarthaller. shes more right than anything on that. Right on sister!! BTW AWESOMEAWESOME!! LAYOUT!!
OBAMA 08!!

Posted by xxhysteriaxx on Oct 12, 08 11:13 am

oh, btw
i like the layout. kudos!

Posted by abcdefgh on Oct 6, 08 11:43 pm


and to you anti-abortionist
are you serious ?!
I'm sure everyone has heard this but,
hypothetically you get raped, you're pregnant
I'm assuming you're like 13 or something
so, you just ruined the rest of your childhood
or whatever. And for your child, adoption ? or raising the child ?
either way - their life is not the same
that's terrible to have to live knowing that

EVEN IF, this never is applicable to you
there are so many people in this world that experience that
and not having the option of an abortion is stupid
You never HAVE to get an abortion, but eliminating that option, is completely unnecessary

Posted by abcdefgh on Oct 6, 08 11:43 pm

LOVELOVELOVE the layout!
&h earts;GiGi

Posted by Z0MGsz on Oct 5, 08 1:17 pm

MCCAIN 2008 =]

Posted by gorgeousbreakdown on Oct 4, 08 12:39 pm

Well the suck is to say politics suck, not Obama. And if a baby does not die after an abortion attempt, it will proly not be a full functional being. Just saying.

But I repeat, poor people get the bone no matter what.

Posted by none345678 on Oct 3, 08 4:38 pm

So funny....I typed in "suck" to search for a layout and this is the only one that popped up. lol The layout is nice, but Obama isn't so I thought it was funny. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RESEARCH THIS MAN BEFORE YOU VOTE~HE APPROVES OF KILLING BABIES THAT SURVIVE ABORTION ATTEMPTS BY ANY MEANS THE ABORTIONIST CHOOSES TO FINISH KILLING AN AMERICAN WITH CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS (after they take their first breath they have human rights). NO JOKE!!!

Posted by crookedcricket on Oct 3, 08 1:10 am

I love this layout, and i'm about to put it on my Myspace. :)
Barack Obama 08!!!

Posted by littlemiss1 on Sep 24, 08 8:21 pm

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