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loobe it♥

Posted by -ibooonnneee on Aug 29, 08 6:09 pm

Wonderful just wondeful. And I been meaning to find an awesome japanese rock band song for my profile and you already have one on there! Perfect! :D

Also the whole one box thing worried me then I saw it scrolled

Posted by xXBloodyAssassinXx on Aug 25, 08 8:13 am

well done indeed. :).

Posted by diffusionn on Aug 23, 08 3:01 pm

I really like it!!!

Posted by anisza on Aug 22, 08 12:57 am

This is a gorgeous layout.

Posted by melancholiclights on Aug 21, 08 8:19 pm

wow these rollovers are uber cute,
especially the "add" one.

Posted by SammyTheHeadbutt on Aug 21, 08 4:25 pm

I reeally like it. Everything works fine in IE! :]

Posted by stormbringer on Aug 21, 08 2:39 pm

the navigator bar is very pretty, I like this layout

Posted by technicolor-rainbow on Aug 21, 08 2:20 pm

very nice :)

Posted by twodreamlovers on Aug 21, 08 2:19 pm

Yeah. The rollovers work on my IE too so you don't have to worry.

I love this layout! The image is cute and the rollovers too. Favoriting.

Posted by ExtractedMemories on Aug 21, 08 2:04 pm

The link rollovers work fine for me in IE.
I really like this though; it's awesome. :D

Posted by so-sarcastic on Aug 21, 08 1:31 pm

This is well done. I like the images and lyric placement a lot.

Posted by tokyo-rose on Aug 21, 08 1:15 pm

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