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Finally! This is the 2nd time a div layout worked PERFECTLY on my page! Most of them didn't show up in the background for my page. This layout is so beautiful!
This is pretty much my *dream page*:).

Posted by mythinkingbox on Oct 10, 09 1:58 am

This is one of my most favorite CUTE songs, so I HAD to use this. Hope you don't mind, dearie, but I changed it up just a bit. Just the navigation and headline titles, that's all. Did leave the credit on, but changed the words to "layout artist". Let me know if you mind and I'll change it back. :]]


Posted by monaXmonster on Apr 19, 09 5:02 pm

Ah nvm, I skimmed over that part..sorry =]

Posted by aperollo on Dec 28, 08 12:57 am

Who is the band and the song?

Posted by aperollo on Dec 28, 08 12:56 am

hey myspace friend ^_^

i love this layout...although the song is kinda crap.

Posted by Doomed-to-Greatness on Dec 24, 08 12:44 pm

beautiful image.
i like this. :]

Posted by samanthaxrandom on Oct 5, 08 8:57 pm

this is gorgeous!
added to my faves.

Posted by moi- on Sep 24, 08 4:33 pm

You haven't replaced the XXXXXXs with your Friend ID
and the technical error is probably a technical error.

Posted by Brighter on Sep 12, 08 8:15 am

I really lov this, but whenever I click on the friends, blog, and pictures link, it says that I have an invalid friend ID and/or my account has been deleted. And then other times it says MySpace is experiencing a technical error. HELP?!?!?!?

Posted by ilovedwardmorethanher13 on Sep 8, 08 7:37 pm

cool and amazing!

Posted by monosaccharide on Aug 12, 08 1:17 am

The layout's really cool! (I wish it had just a touch of color though.)

Posted by SJalways on Aug 9, 08 11:43 pm

beautiful image :]
cinderella like too

Posted by mznitux3 on Aug 8, 08 10:28 pm

Aww, I ♥ Cute. The layout is also very nice. Love it.


Posted by xDarkHope on Aug 8, 08 12:44 pm

OMG!!! i saw this and im like wait someone actually made a layout from my favorite band AWESOME!!!!! lol i love this layout and i love you for making it lol cute is what we aim for is amazing!

Posted by hollyrox916 on Aug 6, 08 1:38 am

This is amazing!

Posted by cait8915 on Aug 6, 08 1:22 am

Beautiful! ^____^ Amazing, splendid job!

Posted by Headlock on Aug 5, 08 10:35 pm

I LOVE IT! It is magnificantly laid out...this is the best DIV layout I have seen in quite some time...KEEP IT UP ;)

Posted by ravishingdiamondz on Aug 5, 08 9:57 pm

when i put this on my myspace, it doesn't show the navigation.... how do you fix that?

Posted by beccababy2008 on Aug 5, 08 9:11 pm

this is beautiful :]
great job!

Posted by lostinLDN on Aug 5, 08 6:12 pm

i love the picture

Posted by xnoix on Aug 5, 08 2:08 pm

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