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I love this. It is really beautiful.

Posted by Karisa85 on Aug 22, 09 4:32 pm

Very nice. Love the colour scheme. Well done

Posted by SoftMint on Feb 3, 09 6:37 am

the picture shows up for me.. just alignment is an issue on fire fox.

Posted by bloodyrazorlips on Dec 20, 08 3:42 am

I absolutely LOVE this one, I have been using it all season!

Posted by MommaTes on Nov 29, 08 4:58 pm

i dont see how your layouts are low quality. great work!

Posted by crimsonsorrow on Oct 27, 08 1:41 pm

I like this layout too, but a little help with how to get the banner to show up would be awesome. Someone posted a code but where exactly do you put it, etc.

Posted by geekinpink on Oct 24, 08 2:54 pm

I see no quote marks, only (), and there is nothing I can do to get the banner to show up.

Posted by novemberskycat on Oct 4, 08 9:21 pm

i LOVE this layout! freakin' awesome! :D

Posted by ryjandy on Sep 26, 08 4:36 pm

I used this code to make the banner show up

.banner {width: 800px; height:374px;position: absolute;margin-left: -400px;left: 50%;top: 160px;}
body table {margin-top:360px;}

I know its an oldie but it worked. atleast for me it did in I.E. 7

Posted by RemixedFresh on Sep 26, 08 1:54 am

using it now :]

Posted by SugarSkull on Sep 22, 08 12:38 am

this is really surreal and lovely...

Posted by roglows on Sep 13, 08 11:37 am

Worked perfectly after changing the quote marks! Beautiful!

Posted by thecountrygirl on Sep 12, 08 7:31 pm

this is one of the most elegant, fully matching and themed layouts i've ever seen. i love it.

Posted by oiseaubird on Sep 5, 08 2:14 am

I used this layout as well because I think it looks good as hell but the top main picture is not showing. Please fix it because I love Fall time and the colors are awesome.

Posted by EMPRESS on Aug 22, 08 3:06 am

I tried to use this but the main picture at the top never showed up for me.

Posted by coverboypaige on Aug 18, 08 11:51 pm

Sexay :D

Posted by nightmarearmy on Aug 12, 08 4:54 pm

This is nice! Where did you get the photo?

Posted by luku on Aug 11, 08 10:29 am

I love this layout. :)

Posted by ItBeShannonFoo on Aug 1, 08 8:27 pm

The banner is beautiful. =]
Did you take the picture? If so, where did you take it?

Posted by SkeleBoy on Aug 1, 08 8:46 am

I love this!! Favorite time of the year!! Saving this to use in the fall. Great work!

Posted by Daizies on Jul 29, 08 2:41 am

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