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Posted by chyannie on Jul 28, 09 8:48 pm

im using love it !!!


Posted by keekers08 on Jan 11, 09 3:26 pm

omfg go gir!♥

Posted by Chimchikooo on Oct 13, 08 11:11 am

o_o i ♥ gir

xD spiffy layout as well.

Posted by xDarkHope on Aug 24, 08 12:49 am

delete the spaces in the link

Posted by nikx618 on Aug 20, 08 1:39 pm

http://subliminalgreen.net76.n et/help.php

^i think that will help

Posted by nikx618 on Aug 20, 08 1:39 pm

i cant find where to put the friend id

Posted by xoblasian on Aug 20, 08 12:17 pm

lol, omg. GIR!

Posted by shadowkissed on Aug 19, 08 10:39 pm

GIR Rockz

Posted by biipolar on Aug 15, 08 3:27 pm

Hooray! Gir!

Posted by Brighter on Aug 14, 08 4:25 am

lovee ti.
so using :]

Posted by brunette925 on Aug 4, 08 10:54 pm

omg! i love it!

Posted by inkgoddess4207 on Aug 4, 08 3:08 pm

Ahh, I love Gir!
Haha, this is awesome. =D

Posted by SkeleBoy on Aug 1, 08 8:51 am

the preview on my comp is misalligned.
but ts fine on my myspace.
thanks. :)

Posted by MissCuppyCake on Jul 29, 08 5:49 pm

but its misalligned in ie

Posted by MissCuppyCake on Jul 27, 08 5:35 pm

ah! i love it. Gir is awesome.

Posted by treyzgirl09 on Jul 26, 08 9:21 pm

no entiendo ni mierda de como poner esos layouts! :[

Posted by niikolas on Jul 26, 08 12:28 pm

i have a request from you, if you would be so kind as to fulfill it. can you make a samurai jack div overlay layout? encase you know not of jack, wiki will help. amurai_Jack

Posted by cdextra on Jul 25, 08 11:50 pm

love it

Posted by cdextra on Jul 25, 08 11:14 pm

How cute :D

But, on mine, this blue box appears around it, and I don't think it's supposed to.
I really like the buttons.

Posted by Eww on Jul 25, 08 4:44 pm

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