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I'm using!
I love this =D

Posted by KimmieBear on Jun 23, 09 7:53 pm

shoulda done something more w/ the nav but its great other than that

Posted by angelibeaner on Sep 9, 08 5:50 pm

This is always on the left side of my page :( how can I fix that?
Perfect otherwise!!

Posted by Zyphryss on Aug 23, 08 2:57 am

okay, so i added this and all my codes are correct. but the myspace nav bar sticks out a little bit on both sides.
anyway to fix that?

Posted by elyseguest on Aug 20, 08 11:12 pm

for sure using it (: it's awesome.
i'm adding it to my friends myspace too.

Posted by elyseguest on Aug 20, 08 10:52 pm

Awesomeness =DD.

Posted by TheExoticPeachFairy on Aug 19, 08 10:49 am

How can I centre my About Me? (:

Posted by Zyphryss on Aug 12, 08 4:37 am

ahh i love this div!! but i have no idea how to get it to work on my myspace :S i edited all the friend id stuff what else do i need to do? someone help me pleasee :) x

Posted by ashleigh2008xx on Aug 7, 08 9:33 am

very pretty, i love the colors!
i'm using :]
great job!

Posted by peaceloveriot on Aug 6, 08 12:51 pm

great job... using =D

on my page, the original myspace navigation peeks out from the sides. is it supposed to do that?

Posted by carah0xx on Jul 24, 08 1:36 pm

I love this layout it rocks, but one problem..I put it on my page and ajusted it and all but when ever i click on pictures or home it doesnt work i need help.
where do I put my friend id?

Posted by foxygamer88 on Jul 22, 08 9:31 pm


Posted by alisya93 on Jul 22, 08 7:12 pm


Posted by YaZoU on Jul 18, 08 10:53 am

this is like the poop!
i love you for it. (:

Posted by lindsey5567 on Jul 17, 08 5:42 pm

Yay retroness ^_^

Posted by Decode on Jun 27, 08 12:38 pm

very pretty(:

Posted by subtleadieu on Jun 26, 08 9:35 pm

well i cant get this to work on my page. help

Posted by angbauer on Jun 26, 08 3:39 pm

wow I'm glad so many people like it! :)

Posted by SharperMyspace on Jun 26, 08 1:43 pm

using, i love it =]

Posted by RAWRxitsmaya on Jun 26, 08 1:32 pm

using =]

Posted by captobvious on Jun 25, 08 10:18 pm

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