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i like it ,
but i cant add any youtube players, whatsoever.

can you please fix that ?

Posted by xbabyjackx on Mar 25, 09 10:55 pm

This is super cute. It's not summer yet.. I'll have to wait to use this. Hopefully you'll make more sweet themes in the future like these.

Posted by bebe11111111111111 on Jan 29, 09 2:08 pm

I hate you.
I'm Hungry

Posted by Jamesisgsnap on Dec 11, 08 3:44 pm

Is it cool if I remove the friend section and just put text there too? Cuz that's what I did. I hate trying to get pictures of friends and copying and all that stuff. So I just put words. That cool?

Posted by plej on Oct 16, 08 7:36 pm

is there anyway i can take the image off and put one of my own pictures?

Posted by Ish09 on Sep 12, 08 5:08 pm

i don't see anything wrong about it in FF except for the fact that u can see the tables in the back but when u actually apply it to myspace, it's fine.

Posted by twodreamlovers on Jul 25, 08 1:23 am

I love the colors!

Posted by loveOURworld on Jul 16, 08 8:32 pm

i'll try to fix it asap.

Posted by twodreamlovers on Jul 10, 08 10:36 pm

dis is a coo layout but like 75% of all the pics are cut off...
could you fix that or?

Posted by MilitaryFlower on Jul 10, 08 6:05 pm

It looks really great on IE but for FF it's kind of screwy.

Posted by MissVegas on Jul 10, 08 10:33 am

nice layout

Posted by thatgurl34 on Jul 7, 08 7:24 pm

I think this layout is SO good i like it very much but i think this would be much better if it had a bigger about me section, The whole layout much bigger, a place where you can put your photo and the background black. Like around the white box have white with coloured swirls to divide it from the black background, THIS would be so better. thankz

Posted by Stezzah on Jun 28, 08 6:15 am

it says there is improper CSS code
that's what making it not clickable and have random ads.
can you please fix this?
it's messing up my page :(

Posted by x0xdanielleyy on Jun 27, 08 6:18 pm

okay well i'll try to fix it. however, i am on vacation right now. i'll try :D

Posted by twodreamlovers on Jun 24, 08 6:58 am

Like lyndsay02289, I was using this layout but my page is now messed up. At the top, all of the navigation links won't work. If you hover over them, nothing will happen, and if you try to click them it's the same deal. It looks like the ad has come down to block them or something...

Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others!

Posted by lacetnoir on Jun 23, 08 8:45 pm

i was using this one, and since myspace made some updates, my page is messed up. =[ very distraut.

Posted by lyndsay02289 on Jun 20, 08 2:46 pm

i'm gonna use this soon :)

Posted by moi- on Jun 17, 08 4:15 pm

love it.

Posted by lyndsay02289 on Jun 17, 08 1:37 pm

i love this layout!! but i would like to have like the about me and who id liike to meet and comments to be centered.. i tryed to use the center code by it but i would not work.. could you tell me how to do it that would be great

Posted by dott0312 on Jun 17, 08 1:05 pm

Omygosh its soo cute! :D

Posted by realityinvazion on Jun 16, 08 2:43 pm

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