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Awesome! I'm totally favoriting this.

Posted by Elle034 on Oct 19, 08 3:30 pm


Posted by WildChild83 on Aug 12, 08 11:39 pm

in my faves!

Posted by crimsonsorrow on Jul 10, 08 3:13 am

you have to go into the layout and mess with the margins.

Posted by punkstachic on Jun 19, 08 11:24 am

im having problems with this layout too.
is there anything you could do to fix it? i tried putting it on my profile and its too far to the left still.

i hope you can help
nice layout anyways.

- Heather

Posted by heatherof2011 on Jun 16, 08 1:50 am

i love this layout,
and i love the lyrics,
metallica fo sho :)

Posted by SammyTheHeadbutt on Jun 9, 08 8:27 pm

creepy - i like it. a little bland, and the links are a bit hard to find! but i think that suits this layout. its a really good job and an interesting way to present it.

Posted by vintage-toile on Jun 8, 08 11:26 am

An amazing layout for an amazing song & band? Sounds like a genius idea. Very nice layout, definitely going into my favs :D

Posted by Ademisk on Jun 8, 08 3:44 am

Im having problems with it too
Its to far left.
I have IE

Posted by SammyGVA on Jun 7, 08 7:16 pm

I like this. It's different. :)

Posted by schizo on Jun 7, 08 12:04 pm


i only checked it on firefox, but i think it might just be the preview?
im not sure cause it looks fine for me.

Posted by fredatemespleen on Jun 7, 08 1:14 am

This is awesome. i get tired of seeing all these Jona Brother crap on this site. finally there are some real music layouts appearing. lol.

could you make a layout of Master Of Puppets??

Posted by wolfreak_99 on Jun 6, 08 11:44 pm

this song goes down in history. lol. i really do like the layout. it definitely fits the song. great job.

Posted by aaayotiffany on Jun 6, 08 10:18 pm

i love the picture. its very creepy. knowing the song it almost seems like the eyes are too freaky to the lyrics but thats my personal opinion. still like it tho. =]

Posted by lyndsay02289 on Jun 6, 08 9:23 pm

the preview is too far on the left, but i really like this layout. is it just the preview?

Posted by MostDefStellar on Jun 6, 08 9:07 pm

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