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Posted by impurities on Apr 18, 09 2:51 pm

I have no idea. O.O
Thanks for pointing that out. I'll change it when I get the chance.

Posted by schizo on Aug 23, 08 7:53 pm

why doesn't it have a comment button?

Posted by uyen on Jul 19, 08 10:03 am

fucking.. muffins... I already love it. My nickname is Muffinigans ;D everyone knows me as Muffin. So using it in a while.

Posted by k-m on Apr 10, 08 4:48 pm

missycupcake, use a flash player and search for an mp3 file of this song to use, DIV layouts often hide the music player therefore it has no time to load.

Posted by k-m on Apr 10, 08 4:47 pm

this is so cute. i love the mustache.

Posted by straightenURsneakers on Feb 19, 08 9:31 pm

schizo i love all your designs & style. great job once again.

Posted by alecreations on Feb 17, 08 5:26 pm

I love this layout but this is the only layout that wont let me hear my music on the page and my song would DEFINATLY match this layout...
Any help?

Posted by MissCuppyCake on Feb 17, 08 11:32 am

omg this is soo cute
love that he has a mustache

Posted by Blaqheartedstar on Feb 16, 08 4:32 am

i hope you still submit layouts! i always like yours!

Posted by LissaShaylynn on Feb 13, 08 11:33 am

This is so adorable.

Posted by jesusisthebestthing on Feb 12, 08 9:50 pm

i love it!!!
it definately matches my name on myspace...

its miss cupcake --- married to the muffin man...


Posted by MissCuppyCake on Feb 12, 08 9:18 pm

This is good. I like it!

Posted by tokyo-rose on Feb 12, 08 7:10 pm

Love it :D

Posted by melancholiclights on Feb 12, 08 3:50 pm

Thanks so much everyone. :)

Posted by schizo on Feb 12, 08 1:04 pm

it's so cute. makes me hungry for muffins :3

Posted by miyashu on Feb 12, 08 11:54 am


Posted by HaruHaruko on Feb 12, 08 6:01 am

The day you stop submitting such talent to CB will be a sad day indeed! x

Posted by S-Majere on Feb 12, 08 4:47 am

omgsh, this is adorable!

Posted by michellerrific on Feb 12, 08 1:30 am

Cute! :-D

Posted by blynkie on Feb 12, 08 12:54 am

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