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ok this is my current myspace layout..and theres only one problem i have with it..the "comment" and "pictures" links dont work when clicked on..it brings people to a page that says invalid user id. so what do i do to fix this?

Posted by temarichan123 on Feb 20, 08 10:48 pm

Wah, tis so pretty!

Posted by DelicateLove on Feb 1, 08 9:58 pm

Oooh this it's so Nice. Can you make one with L..please?

Posted by Natsuru on Feb 1, 08 5:03 pm

Well then I need someone to help me out with alignment issues, any volunteers?

Posted by Marlons on Jan 29, 08 8:28 pm

it's still off for me in FF. i tried refreshing.

Posted by twodreamlovers on Jan 29, 08 6:09 pm

I love L. But I also like Misa =]

Posted by PiNK-RAGe on Jan 29, 08 5:20 pm

Very very nice work. I like this a lot. The organization & colors are awesome.

Posted by jesusisthebestthing on Jan 29, 08 9:49 am

Wonderful job - shame about the misalignment in IE though!

Posted by S-Majere on Jan 29, 08 9:13 am

Well then change the font. As long as you keep the credit on.

Posted by Marlons on Jan 28, 08 10:24 pm

I really like it.
The Nav font is boring tho.

Posted by Amaranthus on Jan 28, 08 9:50 pm

probably 1024x768.
I've still got issues to fix with my layouts, but I don't know how to fix them.

Posted by Marlons on Jan 28, 08 7:50 pm

What resolution was this made for?

Posted by Rawrio on Jan 28, 08 7:49 pm

I agree that most layouts are too L-centric. It's nice to see one of Misa. :D I like this!

Posted by tokyo-rose on Jan 28, 08 7:35 pm

2.Maybe, but L gets too much attention from fans.
3.Honestly, I suck at picking color schemes. And try refreshing the page.

Posted by Marlons on Jan 28, 08 5:56 pm

it's a bit off for me in FF. the colors seem a bit boring. misa is like a really fun character. i was expecting something more brighter & contrasting. love the structure. very clean.

Posted by twodreamlovers on Jan 28, 08 5:13 pm

I Loove This! But wouldn't it be just a little better if it were of L? :3

Posted by EternalEnchanter on Jan 28, 08 4:07 pm

Misa! this is good.

Posted by A9M0i0R on Jan 28, 08 2:50 pm

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