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Posted by Butterface89 on Sep 19, 10 3:03 pm

do u get it =P
thanks to ur layout, i came up with that jke.lolz

Posted by loopylisa on May 18, 08 3:25 pm

i like this one but i dont like the font and size

Posted by yinnie on Mar 16, 08 7:07 pm

this is really cute ;]

Posted by skatingballerina on Feb 25, 08 9:00 pm

wow. the live view doesn't even do this layout justice. and i love the font. super job.

Posted by emaline496 on Jan 29, 08 5:33 am


Posted by heylove47 on Jan 16, 08 8:24 pm

Wow I love the graphic! :)

Posted by Jennifer on Dec 7, 07 8:49 pm

this one is adorable. probably one of the best defaults i've seen.

i love the background as well as the banner. though i think you could've outlined the girl's dress or something. it's very hard to see and looks like her body was cut off.

Posted by guccci on Dec 7, 07 4:51 pm

Okay, it's smaller now :)

Posted by digitalfragrance on Dec 6, 07 10:17 pm

the layout is awesome but it would look better if the picture was a lil smaller

Posted by treyzgirl09 on Dec 6, 07 10:05 pm

I could... do you guys think it would look better a little smaller?

Posted by digitalfragrance on Dec 6, 07 9:54 pm

this layout is really pretty.. i love the colors.. but is it possible for you to make the extended networks banner a little smaller?

Posted by niobe03 on Dec 6, 07 7:25 pm

This is lovely and I love the colors.

Posted by 1angel3 on Dec 6, 07 7:25 pm

It's huge hehe. I love it!

Posted by JoannLeung on Dec 6, 07 6:49 pm

this is stunning. i have a thing for loud, fun colors *loves*

Posted by miyashu on Dec 6, 07 6:47 pm

wow best lookin default layout yet

Posted by michellekdo on Dec 6, 07 6:26 pm

i love this!

Posted by tainted-twilight on Dec 6, 07 5:48 pm



Posted by none345678 on Dec 6, 07 5:43 pm

Gorgeous. (=

Posted by Jovannie on Dec 6, 07 5:08 pm

wow. i love it. :D

Posted by alecreations on Dec 6, 07 5:02 pm

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