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love this layout......... however, my home link will not work on my page please help someone..............

Posted by pashun4fashun22 on Apr 4, 08 9:00 pm


Posted by malicious1 on Feb 4, 08 6:01 pm


top stuff !!

Posted by PinkBlast on Dec 13, 07 10:59 pm

I Need Helpp :(

Posted by Ran-X on Dec 13, 07 7:26 am

Awesome, I love the navigation.

Posted by Jennifer on Dec 5, 07 4:31 am

The cutting can be better, but overall GREAT JOB! I Love it!

Posted by DENNYZ on Dec 4, 07 9:26 pm

soo in love with the background image

Posted by Oamazing on Dec 4, 07 9:32 am

u fixed the navi. awesome. yeah, i meant the texture. it cuts off. if u look at the top left corner of the banner and basically the top. and it just bothers me, but o well haha.

Posted by twodreamlovers on Dec 2, 07 10:00 pm

I like everything about this layout, especially the navigation. Good Job. :)

Posted by alecreations on Dec 2, 07 8:27 pm


Posted by Jovannie on Dec 2, 07 7:50 pm

The marquee is about 20px down from where the layout starts to scroll, so i can't move it up. There isn't a curtain effect.... at least I didn't use one. I think you're talking about the texture - and yeah I noticed the padding problem and am working on it now.

Posted by digitalfragrance on Dec 2, 07 7:42 pm

the marquee should be moved up a bit. u should clean up the curtain effect for the banner (like the one where it's pink and lines are going down) because it just looks weird to me or at least blend them a bit at the top. the navi bothers me because when u hover up/down, it's like annoying. u can fix that with padding. but overall, i love it =]

Posted by twodreamlovers on Dec 2, 07 7:36 pm

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