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Look carefully for specific instructions

For more Christmas layouts (including overlays), visit

This is the second overlay I've made for Christmas so far, but the first I've uploaded here. I was pretty stumped for the colors, so they're not the most harmonious...but yeah.

Remember to delete all other codes from your profile first, and then replace all of the XXXXXXs with your friend ID *BEFORE* hitting save all changes. Only edit the Who I'd Like to Meet section. And don't use this layout unless you have experience with HTML.

If you're having trouble finding the XXXXXXs, copy and paste the entire Who I'd Like to Meet section into Notepad or a similar program. Go to Edit > Replace. Next to Find what: put XXXXXX, and next to Replace with:, put your friend ID. Then hit "Replace all" and all of the XXXXXXs will be replaced automatically.

Using This Layout

For specific instructions read designer's comments

  • This is a div overlay layout, html knowledge required!
  • 1. Log into
  • 2. Click on Edit Profile (Profile 1.0)
  • 3. Copy (ctrl c) and paste (ctrl v) code to the specified fields

Update Friend ID

Input Friend ID to automagically update code

Layout Code

Copy and paste to About Me


Layout Code

Copy and paste to I'd Like to Meet


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By CandyPop on Nov 9, 2008 11:18 am

I LOVE this one!

By panda-delights on Feb 6, 2008 7:56 pm

I love it! Its cute and just what I was looking for.

By IamaMonster on Dec 24, 2007 8:53 pm

yup...everything is perfect but except the pics link doesnt work !!

By vietgurl-727 on Dec 15, 2007 8:40 pm

This is cute.

By audreyluzr on Dec 10, 2007 11:38 pm

how do i get the picture link to work?

By foreverplustoday on Dec 10, 2007 2:05 pm

reinstall it, and be careful that:
a) there is no other code in your profile
b) you select all of the code, and don't accidentally delete any when you paste it into your profile

also, if you have used myspace's built-in profile editor in the past, you need to reverse those changes.

By falsetigerlimbs on Dec 5, 2007 5:40 pm

im usually pretty good with codes but this one got messed up when i put it in
what should i do its just a light blue screen

By heyyiitsmagggiee on Dec 5, 2007 2:32 pm

Thanks for all of your help!

By sarainca on Dec 3, 2007 10:38 pm

yeah, i have no idea...
this one worked for me in firefox. and i shrunk the player slightly also.

By falsetigerlimbs on Dec 3, 2007 10:23 pm
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