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Good Job

Posted by pizzstory on Dec 24, 10 2:04 am

Very interesting idea! Great job here!

Posted by Butterface89 on Jun 29, 10 7:34 pm

i cant find wher i could put my pic on thee stamp? help!

Posted by kimbaleefresh on Sep 8, 09 9:34 pm

And the layout is really good.
Great job!!

Posted by PandaMint on Jul 23, 09 12:38 am

I need help with the music player.
I'm confused about how to put it in the stamp part.

Posted by PandaMint on Jul 23, 09 12:38 am

Love this layout!
It's cutee(:
But how do you change the background??

Posted by HaleyCane on Jun 9, 09 10:27 pm

i like this post card better than anything else
but why is it so [high-up] in both [IE,FF] ? any
who. I'm possessing.

Posted by koobecaf on May 4, 09 5:06 pm

cute layout! love the profile pic as the stamp. :)))

Posted by calilani on Mar 31, 09 9:32 am

I love this its soo cutte

Posted by JenniferCecelia on Sep 20, 08 10:35 am

place your image url in the "div class = default " codes found in your I'd like to meet.

Posted by mrsxsam on Jul 10, 08 3:27 pm

I cant find the words
< a
in order for me to change the picture.

Posted by sofia2474 on Jul 9, 08 5:46 pm

change the margin top property in the same coding... i would go from 340 to 640... just play around with the numbers. =D

Posted by mrsxsam on Jun 24, 08 11:22 am

that worked, thank you! but now it shows up in the middle of the Aloha/About me section, instead of at the bottom like the preview. i'm sorry to be such a bug.

Posted by starsneverexisted on Jun 23, 08 11:22 pm

for your music player to show... go to the codes in your 'about me' and at the bottom, you will find the * html coding.. change the z - index from 1 to 9.

Posted by mrsxsam on Jun 23, 08 2:14 pm

I love this layout, but my music player doesn't show up.

Posted by starsneverexisted on Jun 23, 08 12:07 am

wow this is so cool!
and super creative
amazing :)

Posted by SammyTheHeadbutt on Jun 13, 08 5:20 pm

haa nice. this is a very unique layout.
good idea!

Posted by samanthaxrandom on May 30, 08 4:28 am


Posted by missk on Apr 26, 08 5:12 pm

To change your picture for the stamp, you have to look for the words:

< a

(but there arent any spaces or extra letters.)

then once you find that, you just place your picture code there. make sure its 112hx92w

Posted by geordyn on Mar 22, 08 12:47 pm

to change the background.. go to the codes in about me. it will say:
body {
background image url ( change the url to your image url here )

thx for your interest in my layout! =)

Posted by mrsxsam on Mar 17, 08 7:48 pm

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