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i dont get the hatred of this layout :S

Posted by Decode on Mar 16, 09 5:48 pm

That's awful rude. :)

Posted by schizo on Aug 23, 08 7:58 pm

my eyes hurt :(

Posted by ScriptedLove on Apr 22, 08 3:52 pm

I love it. Very nice. Maybe not your best, best still very nice.

Posted by Kat0703 on Jan 26, 08 4:25 am

Yeah, it's not one of your best, but I still like it. =]

Posted by DelicateLove on Nov 10, 07 10:03 pm

yea, this is grunge!

Posted by jesusisthebestthing on Nov 10, 07 5:59 pm

nice grunge feel to it

Posted by TaintedSakura on Nov 10, 07 12:01 pm

Thanks everyone. It's not my best, but I thought I'd just submit it for the heck of it.

Posted by schizo on Nov 10, 07 9:57 am

it's simple and nice but im not much of a fan for simple layout.

Posted by twodreamlovers on Nov 10, 07 12:17 am

odd, not your best but the use of colors and even the nav font picked are all uber great

Posted by Blaqheartedstar on Nov 10, 07 12:02 am

Nice but you should make another version that uses a different color other than pink.

Posted by NICKAWHAT on Nov 9, 07 11:19 pm

simple, yet grungy...yet very nice..=)

Posted by na-nancy on Nov 9, 07 10:03 pm

Simple, but not bad (even though it's not how you wanted it to be). You'll improve. (:

Posted by tokyo-rose on Nov 9, 07 9:15 pm

It's not my FAVORITE layout by you, but it is still quite nice.
Good job!
You're very talented!!!

Posted by Z0MGsz on Nov 9, 07 9:15 pm

huzzuh!!!!! what happened to you?! lol its been awhile since i've seen your layouts.

Posted by michellekdo on Nov 9, 07 9:07 pm

I like it. It's a simple grungy type layout. ^-^

Posted by KeKeKe-Kreations on Nov 9, 07 8:41 pm

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