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navigation is poor
image is awesome

Posted by Absinthinjector on Apr 21, 08 4:08 pm

i lied.
:] ill give it a 9.
because my music player
just sticks out
and it looks bad so i couldnt
put it on :[

can you tell me how to make it

Posted by juicylayouts on Apr 19, 08 12:19 pm

ohh i love it.
def on my favs.
&& on the myspace.

perfect 10.

Posted by juicylayouts on Apr 19, 08 12:01 pm

Sorry my *commentS

Posted by AngelinaJVH on Dec 30, 07 4:09 pm

Is there a code you can give me to show my comment on it?

Posted by AngelinaJVH on Dec 30, 07 4:09 pm

i think this is perfect. its clean, simple yet exciting with a dash of color.

i love it

Posted by aFlamingChalice on Dec 22, 07 3:36 pm

i love the simplicity of it. it's wonderful :)

Posted by polkadotpenguin on Dec 15, 07 12:54 pm

i really like the "fresh" idea
but i also think you should've done more with it
like kept the background white
but just added more "decoration" onto the background
like orange spirals or other designs
i think sum small, simple orange design would look really awesome :-)

Posted by mohiniiix3 on Nov 21, 07 1:20 pm


Posted by BuBbLyBuMbLeBeE on Nov 10, 07 5:37 pm

okay, i like this layout.
but im like really dumb when it comes to these things.
could you possibly help me do whatever it is i need to do to get it on my profile?

it would mean a lotttt!

Posted by lgwick on Nov 7, 07 12:03 am

i love this layout so much i tells me that its to freshen up because im not 13 anymore yaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!

Posted by diva1011313 on Oct 14, 07 11:44 am

this is hotter than hot, son. i'm usin it nowwwww

Posted by afropiq91 on Oct 12, 07 7:29 pm

if i want to put a top friends where should i put it?

Posted by mikri on Oct 12, 07 1:17 pm

this layouts well cute. makes me feel all refreshed! lol

Posted by --broadwaydream on Oct 10, 07 10:35 am

aww i love it! i wish i knew how to do div layouts lol.

Posted by tengopescador on Oct 7, 07 8:29 pm

i love the image, but i wish you did more with it :/

Posted by IVIike on Oct 7, 07 7:15 pm

@shorty_d09: glad I can help :) !

Posted by imperfectionn-x on Oct 7, 07 5:53 pm

@imperfectionn-x: dont wrry i figured out where u hide them, and i removed the code. i got it to work. thanxs.

Posted by shorty_d09 on Oct 7, 07 5:50 pm

:] this is pretty cool

Posted by nanceinpance on Oct 7, 07 5:41 pm

@shorty_d09 : No because in the code I hid it, unless you are good at html, and remove it and make them appear on it using the div kinda concept

Posted by imperfectionn-x on Oct 7, 07 5:18 pm

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