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awe i luv you even more
nice layout

Posted by sephirothsprincess on Feb 24, 08 4:27 pm

i love this layout except it bugs me that it has a misspelling....

Posted by FrEnChiCaNa753 on Dec 1, 07 9:26 pm

what does it mean?

Posted by munkyfacgrl on Oct 21, 07 9:24 pm

its aussi,
no e
but its adorable

Posted by candygirl on Oct 20, 07 8:40 pm

Aw man... the misspelling killed it. It's nice though. :]

Posted by xKatt on Oct 12, 07 11:51 pm

I would totally use this, except the misspelling kind of kills it. Oh well.

Posted by adolelolz on Oct 7, 07 6:03 pm

i really like this, i think you've done a magnificent job!

Posted by jesusisthebestthing on Oct 7, 07 4:17 pm

egad, i guess i can never trust google again with my french. lol ;] thanks though

Posted by japanesecherryblossoms on Oct 7, 07 1:13 pm

Pretty colors, but "aussi" doesn't have an "E" in it. :]

Posted by tokyo-rose on Oct 7, 07 12:35 pm

therez isnt a e at aussi
itz really beautiful =D
(im french yessiir)

Posted by K0olkiid on Oct 7, 07 9:15 am

i like the bottom left image.
it's super cute.

apparently i'm just not a fan of the standard layouts i guess.

there are very few that i see that i am crazy about.

Posted by PINKLollyPOP on Oct 7, 07 1:23 am

it's really pretty, but it only works in IE :/

Posted by IVIike on Oct 7, 07 12:21 am

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