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How do I find my add me, message me, blog and pics links?

Posted by softballfreak1936 on Jun 25, 08 8:24 pm

How do I find my add me, message me, blog and pics links?

Posted by kairikate52 on Jun 5, 08 2:08 pm

i like it a lot!

Posted by twistdang3l on Jan 19, 08 12:08 pm


Posted by ScoripanPrincess on Dec 28, 07 2:59 pm

I actually like this layout a lot, but it's lacking greatly in color...

Posted by TheSpirit on Nov 16, 07 7:36 pm

kinda big
but its cute

Posted by nanceinpance on Oct 7, 07 5:44 pm

the quality isn't all that great right around the bubbles. but it's cute.

Posted by justacrush on Oct 5, 07 6:40 pm

I actually agree with mike, again, its a bit plain. Its not the most original idea we've seen on cb. But its cute though =)

Posted by IBangBaby on Oct 5, 07 12:54 am

this lyt is kinda didnt look so brown to me, but i luv the bubbles and i think the concept really worked out. i mite use it one day =]

Posted by jesusisthebestthing on Oct 4, 07 8:48 pm

I have... over 60 of them. and I am entitled to my opinion I can say what i want thats what these forums are for...if you don't like it leave :]

Posted by IVIike on Oct 4, 07 8:43 pm

I really want to use this layout but is there any way to change the "firneds" bubble to say "icons"? I tried but it didnt work :( and to: IVlike~ y dont u make a better layout before traching other ppl's

Posted by advernurseekur on Oct 4, 07 6:24 pm

it's nothing special IMO it's just dots

Posted by IVIike on Oct 4, 07 5:19 pm

super cute layout i love it!

btw, do you know anyone that can make a cute maroon 5 layout?

Posted by Siriusfreak914 on Oct 4, 07 5:12 pm

i like this one actually, its a bit big but still good

Posted by brooklyneast05 on Oct 4, 07 5:08 pm

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