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Can you change the url thing? Or is it the credit.(

Posted by elizabethbby on Jan 7, 10 3:57 pm

ths is awsomee..

Posted by idrrkayasianjulie on Oct 17, 09 2:48 pm

the myspace home is so old haha

Posted by jaykabwaya on Jul 29, 09 9:17 pm

How do you put a different video in the video's section? HELP!

Posted by jasmin1117 on Jun 24, 09 11:36 pm

how do you change the advertisment and text and videos and friends??

Posted by OhSoLexie on Jun 11, 09 10:10 am

Can you please tell me how to use this?

Posted by Abby277 on May 20, 09 11:28 am

Is there a way to change the url thing? or is that the credit?

Posted by koobecaf on Apr 21, 09 6:36 pm

now that i look @ it. i think i might use it

Posted by koobecaf on Apr 20, 09 8:33 pm

Can you change the url thing? Or is it the credit.(:

Posted by ixthrowxcrayons on Apr 13, 09 9:44 pm

i dunno how to use it would u ljke to help me plz!!

Posted by mjnhl0ve on Mar 6, 09 9:17 pm

the layout is great but how do change the video pic and friends

Posted by rexy on Feb 22, 09 6:35 am

i have some problems with the friends area..=(
i need help plz !!!..

Posted by kAr0lz02 on Feb 19, 09 8:56 pm

how do i change the ? on the music box thing?

Posted by oohannah on Jan 10, 09 11:15 pm

Awesome! this is so kewl!
i love it

Posted by CannibalVomit on Dec 4, 08 8:46 am

i cant find where to put stuff in where the bulletins are supposed to be and i cant find where to put my friends :/

Posted by LADIEROXXSTAR on Nov 29, 08 3:35 am

the bottom links are messed up. I hope it gets fixed soon, so I can use it..

Posted by hollywoodhorror on Nov 4, 08 12:23 pm


Posted by pal3tika on Oct 10, 08 9:08 pm

That's pretty freaking cool.

Posted by xFabby on Sep 24, 08 5:49 pm

This is awhsommeeee!

Posted by xxtwilighter on Aug 18, 08 8:23 pm

This is awesome!

Posted by electriclayouts on Aug 16, 08 11:17 am

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