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i love this layout and really want to use it, but it wont display my 'about me' section. any help? thanks x

Posted by penguin65 on Jun 7, 08 3:36 pm

1. Hides the ad.
2. Puts about me on the bottom.

Posted by Rawrio on Jan 17, 08 8:55 pm

it's cool layout. i luv it :)
but somehow it isnt displaying my comments. can u help

Posted by uchida on Sep 9, 07 11:25 pm


Posted by Natsuru on Sep 2, 07 4:34 pm

thats so cute! lovee the colors.

Posted by nanceinpance on Aug 14, 07 11:49 am

Hi. I love this layout, thank you for making it but it seems to make my google ads at the top disappear and I would hate for my myspace account to be deleted because of that. Is there a way to make them appear with this layout?

Posted by greenkitty on Aug 1, 07 11:38 pm


Posted by sh4waty on Jul 25, 07 7:55 pm

Agreed with SinfullySweet. It's a very orignal idea for the navigation, and it's beautiful how you lessened the opacity of the rainbow colors so it's more pleasing than painful. Great job.

Posted by cikayelle on Jul 21, 07 12:40 am

so cute, i adore it. you were on a roll, eh?

Posted by smash on Jul 11, 07 5:19 pm

Very clean and simple. I like the background and colors.

Posted by YourSuperior on Jul 11, 07 12:05 am

this is so cute...i luv the navigation.

Posted by jesusisthebestthing on Jul 8, 07 6:53 pm

Love your style :)

Posted by FoxLucky on Jul 8, 07 6:07 pm

The mini iPods look cool. :]

Posted by markmejia on Jul 8, 07 5:40 pm


Posted by schizo on Jul 8, 07 5:39 pm

haha. Thats pretty clever. How you placed the navigation.

Posted by IBangBaby on Jul 8, 07 5:20 pm

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