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Posted by zxl001 on Mar 24, 11 11:40 pm

How can I change the background? :x

Posted by WizardMadds on Jul 23, 09 11:41 am

ZOMG, I like this...thats probably why i faved it :D

Posted by patternhouses on Feb 26, 09 11:05 pm

anyone kno if or how i can put an imeem player on this layout

Posted by garybeezy on Jan 17, 09 11:23 am

how would i put a picture as a background behind everything (replacing the gray background)?

Posted by Shifterx on Nov 28, 08 11:47 pm

sonic, go to this URL (remove any spaces that may be in it) for the new about me for this layout, with the music player fixed:
falsetigerlimbs.net/ca ssetteabout.txt

the ad was also hidden, which can get your myspace deleted, so i changed that. the nav bar shows, but in order to hide it properly i'd have to change the positioning on everything, which i dont want to do. you can try some of the nav bar hide codes on here but they will probably also hide the comment box.

Posted by falsetigerlimbs on Aug 10, 08 4:06 pm

It's because this layout is old, sonic, and myspace has changed some stuff since then. I will take a quick look at the music player, but I'm only going to work on it for 30 minutes and if I can't fix it you're out of luck. I'll comment back here with the outcome. I normally no longer provide support on here because I have a paying layout job that I have to spend 20 hours a week on.

Posted by falsetigerlimbs on Aug 10, 08 3:39 pm

i have a problem with the music player can you help me? becouse this layout its very good

Posted by ssonicsexx on Aug 10, 08 3:53 am

total, that code isn't compatible with this DIV overlay. that code is only for regular profile layouts. If you want you can stop the comment area from scrolling... just find this in about me:
.comt {width:347px; height:233px; overflow-x:hidden; overflow: auto;

and remove overflow-x:hidden; and change overflow:auto; to overflow:hidden;
only like one or two comments will show then but that's the best you'll be able to do

Posted by falsetigerlimbs on Jul 20, 08 12:56 am

sorry but i guess it didnt show this is the link to the code
http://myspace-crash-codes.c om/blog/codes/hide-comments-2/

Posted by total932 on Jul 20, 08 12:46 am

i love this layout
it defenetly one of my favorite
i just have one question

can anyone tell me how can i put this code without it messing up my comments section



its supposed to let me see only some comments but when i put this it dosent let me see any of them
thank you again

Posted by total932 on Jul 20, 08 12:45 am

This is a very good layout. I love music, and this shows the impact of old school music when there were cassettes more than CDs. I would use it if there wasn't the comment box included in the layout. Good job, though.

Posted by Judgmental on Apr 12, 08 6:57 pm

Thank you for making this, I love it. I'm having a problem though, there's about a 100px empty space above my comments. Everything is positioned fine, there's just a big space. Any idea on how to get rid of that?

Posted by kimmytree on Feb 24, 08 10:56 am

I had the same problem with my music player
And, for some reason, my entire page extends really, really far down, is there a way to get rid of that extra space?

Posted by revolutionxrock22 on Feb 3, 08 3:48 pm



Posted by snbe82 on Feb 1, 08 4:06 pm

hey..i love this layout but i have one problem..

for some reason the myspace music does not show up over the box with music notes.. i can hear the music but not see it..

any idea?


Posted by snbe82 on Feb 1, 08 4:02 pm

I love it!!!

Posted by musicandmeyaz on Jan 30, 08 7:56 pm

never mind.

i found the commentless one on your website.

i must say, this is a great overlay.

Posted by tardisaurusrex on Jan 15, 08 8:28 pm

im not sure if this has been addressed
but is there anyway to hide the comments?


Posted by tardisaurusrex on Jan 15, 08 6:24 pm

baizor, PEBKAC. Problem exists between keyboard and chair. ;)
You're doing something wrong

Posted by falsetigerlimbs on Jan 9, 08 11:22 am

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