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Really prettiful.[;

Posted by ixthrowxcrayons on Apr 14, 09 4:59 pm

Awesome. I really love it.

Posted by airxwar on Feb 19, 09 7:11 pm

love it..
used it !

Posted by anieka on Jan 19, 09 3:44 am

i love it!!

Posted by elizabethcr90 on Jun 29, 08 9:14 pm


Could you make it where

The picture section, and the about me section

switch places?thatd be real rad.

Posted by Artificial on Feb 24, 08 5:04 pm

i love this

Posted by xbleedingstarbabyx on Oct 5, 07 6:37 pm

Luv it. XD


Posted by Parasite on Sep 30, 07 5:55 am

very disturbing, i like it

Posted by IVIike on Sep 16, 07 5:57 pm

I cant get the picture to work

Posted by xxmrsjordisonxx on Sep 16, 07 12:55 am

yeah I don't have the font so mine is the regular one and it looks like shyte. and yeah, how about a comment box?

Posted by k-m on Aug 24, 07 9:37 pm

love it im soooo using it just one thing how do i get the pic smaller

Posted by iwuvbubbles7 on Aug 3, 07 5:35 pm

hey i was wondering how u get your picture on here i tried but but it didnt work so can you tell me how it works

Posted by rockstarmusic13 on Jul 15, 07 6:46 pm

i love it. but there isnt a comment box.

Posted by echosofsilence on Jul 10, 07 12:18 am

Wait, never mind :) I didnt read it properly.

Posted by Jennifer on Jul 4, 07 9:15 pm

Wow, I love it! But I have a question, how do I get a profile picture on? I'd put in the url I'm guessing, but where? Please help :]

Posted by Jennifer on Jul 4, 07 9:14 pm

It's not working that well for me.
Everythings all everywhere.

Posted by xRawr on Jul 2, 07 6:17 am

I like the design of this

Posted by Lakishia on Jun 24, 07 11:13 am

Decent, I guess. :]
The fonts look unique, but you'll need to note that not all computers have those fonts.

Posted by markmejia on Jun 21, 07 10:25 pm

Thanks for the comments you guys. And for some of those who dont know how to do the Nav. I put it on there. Just replace the X's with your Friend Id! thanks!


Posted by dropdeaddgore on Jun 21, 07 9:43 pm

as previously stated, a nav is encouraged. But I do like the images though, but not the font:(

Posted by Amaranthus on Jun 21, 07 8:23 pm

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