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great work!

Posted by calilani on Mar 25, 09 10:52 am

The header is an actual image so its non-changeable unless you're good at photoshop. If you don't want it there the best thing would be to take the image tag out all togethor.

Posted by Draaken12 on Dec 18, 07 9:24 am

i need help changing the words "about me" at the top of the bubble. any help would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by deathtodisco on Dec 17, 07 8:51 pm

omg i love it im so using it thanx

Posted by CRYBABYLB on Sep 28, 07 9:00 pm

hey this layout is really cool and i love it . but i want to change the about me header at the top of the bubble to something else and i cant find it in the code. how do i change it? please help xxxxxx

Posted by tattc001 on Aug 4, 07 7:13 am

So original! Brilliant, really. :)

Posted by pynkxplosive on Jun 20, 07 7:07 am

hhahahha just kidding! i type the wrong thing by accident of course i know how to make one! hahhaha

Posted by infam0usvtfr3ak on Jun 19, 07 11:58 pm

creative much! could u teach me how to start make 1?

Posted by infam0usvtfr3ak on Jun 19, 07 11:56 pm

Haha, this is adorable

Posted by IBangBaby on Jun 14, 07 7:47 pm

i love your orginality. your layouts are different from everyone elses.

Posted by l3monlime on Jun 14, 07 7:04 pm

Thanks everyone. I hate to make multiple peanuts layouts but that seems to be the most popular out of my layouts. I hadn't made a layout in about 2 months so I made it for myself and decided to post it here.

I know it looks like my other one.. especially with the clouds. The thing is I like to make everything part of the picture that includes the navigation, comment box, and about me section. So it's hard incorporating those things into a scene especially trying to be unique on each one.

Posted by Draaken12 on Jun 13, 07 1:18 am

I love it.
SNoopy i the best.
You are wondeful

Posted by manybrokenhearts on Jun 12, 07 7:51 pm

Really cute. Luvs it!

Posted by PCDKitty on Jun 12, 07 5:57 pm

Oh I just ADORE your peanuts lays! They make me so happy. I always use one, but I have to remove it after a couple days b/c it doesn't load well on my friends' computers. I need a standard peanut layout. :)

Posted by justsublimejulia on Jun 12, 07 12:53 pm

lol i love it good job.

Posted by xxoLuvYaLotsoxx on Jun 12, 07 1:33 am

aww this is absolutely adorable. I've got Snoopy in my lap right now :D

Posted by michellerrific on Jun 12, 07 12:26 am

you are truly talented. thanks for the layouts i love them.

Posted by jesusisthebestthing on Jun 11, 07 6:22 pm

wow, amazing how you place it all together so well. great work! thanks for the reply :)

Posted by rockvanityx on Jun 11, 07 5:51 pm

thanks for all the comments.

All the pictures are scans from various books. This layout is about 6 different scans placed to fit the scene.

Posted by Draaken12 on Jun 11, 07 5:45 pm

keep making these! their great. where do you get the picture for the background though? i can never find Peanuts stuff

Posted by rockvanityx on Jun 11, 07 5:42 pm

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