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ii am in l o v e wit thisz layout.
thisz isz definely going on muh page asap!

Posted by cheese718 on Aug 6, 09 8:37 pm

this is cute. but the drama was boring XD

Posted by PiNK-RAGe on Feb 11, 08 6:07 pm

omg i love it XD

chu should have one of hero too :O
hes so cute XDD

Posted by yuffiexchanX on Jan 8, 08 7:06 pm

OMFG I LOVE SE7EN! this layout is super cutee! can you make a big bang one?!

Posted by chriffo on Sep 27, 07 7:00 pm

you should make one with lee joon and sae ryueng

Posted by secretmyst on Jul 12, 07 3:50 pm

i thought se7en's name wuz kang hoo......

Posted by secretmyst on Jul 11, 07 9:36 pm

i love goong s!

Posted by shEep1 on Jun 10, 07 12:46 pm

I love it!!! XD Can you make one with Daniel Henney too? Please?

Posted by jenna2179 on May 27, 07 2:49 pm

lol the drama actually isnt as bad as people say it is. but of course its no comparison to the original goong drama =)

Posted by xmusic on Mar 26, 07 8:18 pm

ZOMG!!!!GOONG S!!!expect the ratings were bad

Posted by shampoo192 on Mar 26, 07 12:52 am

KYAA~!GOONG S IS LOOOVE.This layout = :D :D :D <33!SE7EN xDD!

Posted by cowsarecool on Mar 24, 07 2:56 pm

ahhh i love this!! ...I love the header and the color! gray , white and pink goes so well together! (sorry for my englishhhh)

Posted by Oamazing on Mar 24, 07 9:43 am

Nice. Better than I can do. lol. Keep up the good work.I love the Pink.

Posted by Kusanagi on Mar 24, 07 2:54 am

I think it looks good, especially since its kind of on the simple side. Brushes are good, but as you already said they make things look overdone in some cases. So yea. I think it looks really good. I also like how everything is organized well together.

Posted by toyo loco on Mar 24, 07 2:17 am

This is really cute. I'm a sucker for simplicity. :DI love the layout of all the content too.It does look better in Internet Explorer though, as others have said. But the problems aren't terrible in Firefox; the layout is still viewable and you ca

Posted by falsetigerlimbs on Mar 23, 07 11:10 pm

Well don't know how you'd go about fixing the navigation (they're not scrolling) but if you just extend the height of the background, the comment box should be fine.

Posted by flaymzofice on Mar 23, 07 9:07 pm

the links should scroll in FF. but the comment box i know what u mean lol.i actually did this to work for IE. so its a bit messed up on FF. :T

Posted by xmusic on Mar 23, 07 3:23 pm

veryyy cute I love the softness of the layout

Posted by synthase on Mar 23, 07 3:12 pm

Ah cute, looks graphically really good but the lower set of nav links is cut off and so is the comment box buttons in FF

Posted by flaymzofice on Mar 23, 07 8:31 am

QUOTE(IVIike @ Mar 22 2007, 9:13 PM) [snapback]2503515[/snapback]it looks great i really like the header image totally agree

Posted by Blaqheartedstar on Mar 22, 07 10:33 pm

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