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Pretty fly.

Posted by Butterface89 on Sep 22, 10 5:00 am

AHH i love it i've been looking every where for a layout of them =D

Posted by unbeliveablyXdisasterous on Jul 9, 07 11:46 pm

hey samantha you make the best layouts, i was wonfering if you have the time can you please make this but with a colored picture of fall out boy. You're awesome thanks!

Posted by Pete_is_HOT on Jun 5, 07 10:52 pm

FF5 = Amazing... thats all ive got to say :]

Posted by ::Raw.Rock.Kills:: on May 15, 07 1:16 am

hola esta muy bueno todo pero quisiera saber como hago uno..alguien me podria nseñar ?¡¡ por favor !!! es urgente es para mi banda plzzzzz

Posted by jesuscart on Apr 5, 07 6:14 pm

Woo Family Force 5 :) Awesome Layout

Posted by xChemicalRomancex on Jan 26, 07 7:26 pm

it would look better if the fonts were all the same color but it's still avery creative layout

Posted by IVIike on Jan 19, 07 11:38 pm

I love the bandI love the imageI love the layoutWish it was an overlay though!!!But love it!!!

Posted by Megan_moo on Sep 9, 06 10:32 am

I love this layout. ALong with all your others!!! I wans wondering if you could do a layout based on hinder's lips of an angel. message me back when possible

Posted by Josey Lynn on Aug 26, 06 5:51 pm

Family Force 5 is such an amazing band! awesome layout!

Posted by JesusFreak412 on Aug 21, 06 6:00 pm

you make really awesome layouts!~Nicole

Posted by Pop-Tart on Aug 21, 06 5:54 pm

well never heard of these people, but i love the effect u have on it, prety creativecolors of the whole layout looks good tooworks out well together

Posted by Blaqheartedstar on Aug 21, 06 2:00 pm

I use to love this band, although the layout is okay. Some of the colors you used for the fonts make it a little bad.

Posted by Insurmountable on Aug 21, 06 1:37 pm

... I guess this one is okay. I'm not very fond of the colors though.

Posted by Aerjae on Aug 21, 06 3:24 am

i like this layout, image wise. the picture is really creative

Posted by SUPERednerd on Aug 21, 06 3:22 am

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