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Interesting yet disturbing.

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 31, 10 10:37 am

how can i make the pics work on this i really want to use this layout.

Posted by bahama-breeze on Aug 2, 08 11:56 pm

Thank you :)

Posted by anime-essence on Jul 26, 08 11:09 am

luv this layout ^^

Posted by krysanthemum on Jul 19, 08 8:29 pm

Looooove This!

Posted by costas1fangurl on Apr 20, 08 12:46 am

Heyy hope ur good
i want music on my layout :(
its not working!! any help?!
thanks x

Posted by luluman on Jan 29, 08 6:32 pm


Posted by luluman on Jan 29, 08 6:31 pm

im having problems with the pic showing up on my page. it just says no photo. what do i need to do to change it.

Posted by whitejessica on Nov 22, 07 12:39 am

I used this layout for such a long time!! I never had any problems out of it! I loooove it!

Posted by drpepperlove on Oct 2, 07 12:07 pm

can you give me some simple instructions on how to add music to this layout, I just got it working right and I dont want to mess it up. =]

Posted by cnglanze on Aug 18, 07 3:29 pm


Posted by anime-essence on Aug 16, 07 11:32 pm

can you add music to this layout?

Posted by cnglanze on Aug 16, 07 11:31 pm

This profile is wonderful. Im actually making in for a friend. Ive done everything perfectly, except for once you load the page...the gray links that are supposed to be at the bottom end up in the middle of the page. Do you happen to know how to fix that? Thank you so much

Posted by Ami2007 on Jul 20, 07 7:53 pm

Can you help me put this on my page on myspace?Because its not working...

Posted by Bahama-Breeze242 on Jun 10, 07 3:52 pm

very nice layout, keep it up =]

Posted by deletethisplease on Mar 1, 07 11:09 am

love this layout

Posted by jne_x3luv on Jan 13, 07 8:53 pm

Is there a possibility to put a slide show where the friends links are suppose to be?? If so, how?

Posted by dance_momma on Nov 9, 06 8:20 pm

hey there, sick f'n layout indeed. i absolutly love it. One question tho, woudl there be any way to alter it to enable it to work in an artist profile, liek a abnds page? if so please let me know.

Posted by KSE951 on Sep 21, 06 6:33 pm

ummm...hi ....i'm lost in this layout thing... everytime i put it in 'all about me' or 'who i'd like to meet'..it doesn't work...n my page becomes blank..like wat is going on...y isn't nothing workin....

Posted by 1st Class Ladi on Sep 9, 06 10:05 am

I love this layout however, I am having SUCH a hard time inserting my profile picture and my friends list. Please give me simple step by step details so that I can get my page running soon. Thank you in advance!

Posted by garley1004 on Sep 4, 06 8:16 pm

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