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Absolutely beautiful! Love it!

Posted by Andra-A on Oct 6, 09 4:32 am

iLove this one because its indifferent and simple:)

Posted by thebaddeststarinthehood on Sep 7, 09 8:59 pm


Posted by eric7harmon on Jan 26, 09 9:25 pm

wat about dat part dat says ("url here") wat goes dere?!?!

Posted by LadiiLuv on Dec 3, 08 2:11 pm

to fix the links not working move what he tells you to put into id like to meet to about me keeping all the stuff in about me still there then move the stuff he has in heroes to id like to meet it will then show up and work correctly

Posted by grenbayrulz on May 25, 08 2:05 pm


Posted by x-hotchocbun-x on May 20, 08 2:30 pm

look for a better comment box. and look through the posting method and use it to replace the on in the layout. DUH

Posted by xkcirtap on Feb 19, 08 6:35 pm

nice layout!..but yea I'm having the same problem as the other people

Posted by youngdal on Oct 25, 07 10:53 pm

okay each time i try to comment myselfi t goees back to my home page. why isnt it not working?!!!

Posted by tomodachi on Sep 30, 07 11:48 pm

Why is this layout not working, please help me fix it.

Posted by seemycheeks07 on Sep 27, 07 3:23 pm

great design, good practicality. I did have problems with original coords, and html. After editing profile worked great. [[I would not recomend this profile for beginer html user]]
Thanks for a great layout

Posted by TerrorStrike on Jun 29, 07 3:22 pm

im having the same problem with the links to view more pics, add friend, etc don't work and the comment box isn't working either i would appreciat it if you could reply to this please

Posted by z400_racer on Mar 24, 07 1:36 am

Hey you might want to know that smeones selling this layout as theres on ebay.Type it in buy as myspace layouts and it has the same name. unforgitable.

Posted by jumpingshrimp on Feb 22, 07 3:06 pm

^ what lines? The layout shows up just as it does in the screen shot?

Posted by Insurmountable on Feb 21, 07 8:08 pm

Links won't work at all. There's parts missing in the code.I wonder if that's why it was deleted by the "special" people...

Posted by naeeme on Feb 21, 07 8:04 pm

it's okay i don't like how the image just cuts off though

Posted by IVIike on Jan 20, 07 3:04 pm

I really like your layout, but I was wondering if you would be ok with me changing it to this:http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a390/n0s...layout2copy.jpg

Posted by Psi on Nov 5, 06 5:16 pm

Looks really nice!=)

Posted by MeloFool on Oct 14, 06 1:51 am

like everyone else has said i'm having problems with this layout in that i can't click any links besides the comment box.i really love this one so it would be really nice if someone could please help me =]email: sundaysam2002@yahoo.commyspace: mys

Posted by equestriian on Oct 3, 06 4:34 pm

i had a few problems with this layout also, i had some questions about it if you could help please email me mizplaymate69@yahoo.com or www.myspace.com/mzplaymate69

Posted by LonelyEyes on Sep 18, 06 2:21 pm

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