Let's Make a Teen Love Story (comments)

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someone stole this layout from you!

Posted by purple15 on Jul 8, 08 3:02 pm

does the music player still work?

Posted by xXR0CKST4RXx on Jan 26, 08 7:26 pm

this will be my..second tmie using this one..i absolutely LOVE IT!

Posted by flutegrl on Jan 4, 08 4:18 pm

the font is killing my eyes!

Posted by icecreamisyummy on Nov 29, 07 12:25 am

this is gunna be my second (or third?) time using this layout. SUPERR cute. =]

Posted by sakurarain953 on Nov 4, 07 1:00 pm

in love with this...

Posted by misarylane on Oct 13, 07 12:58 am

i luv it!!
gonna use^^

Posted by pisces31493 on Jun 13, 07 7:13 pm

QUOTE(Rawkseh @ Aug 7 2006, 6:51 PM) [snapback]2219174[/snapback]Get code for this layout!PROPS ON THE LAYOUT!iT`S REALLY CUUTE!=)PROPS ON THE LAYOUT!iT`S REALLY CUUTE!=)

Posted by xPEARLx on Apr 6, 07 2:26 am

pretty layout

Posted by IVIike on Feb 2, 07 9:30 am

Loveeee it

Posted by Cindster on Jan 10, 07 10:58 am

I love ur layout it's really cute!! Too bad I don't have anyone to make a teen love story with but I still really love ur layout!

Posted by Borisroxmysox on Nov 12, 06 10:28 am

umm.ive used this a couple times.but i was wondering.instead of making all the letters little.how do you make it where it can be normal...?like have really little letters && then BIIIG letters?

Posted by superxmodelxsuicide on Sep 10, 06 1:30 pm

youre layout is really awesomebut sadly im not able to use it because everytime i look at my profile, its really bigits like all my icons and stuff are centered...im not sure what to do...please help <3

Posted by Yinda on Aug 22, 06 12:31 pm

OMG! *squeels* this layout is so CUTE! It makes my heart melt!!

Posted by latex_indulgence on Aug 13, 06 1:32 pm

heyy. some how i can't put my info. in about me. it'll goes on the upper left of the picture. look.here's the link. http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/5378/errrorfv9.pngcan you please tell me. what's wrong. cause. i really want to use your

Posted by lienny on Aug 13, 06 9:39 am

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