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I am SO confused as to what is happening here... I have used this gorgeous layout since I found it so very long ago, and now it disappeared. When I tried to put it back, everything got all messed up. Care to take a peek and see if you can figure it out?

Posted by gankandpwn on Oct 2, 07 12:41 am

how to set this layout to my blog?
paste the code in where??

Posted by cyrillia on Sep 15, 07 5:15 am

my info is disappearing....just to clarify!

Posted by saericks on Aug 7, 07 9:50 am

I am having problems when I put my cursor over the contact box, some of the other info just diappears! Also, my URL address does NOT show right now. PLEASE HELP!

Posted by saericks on Aug 7, 07 9:50 am

Can you tell me why my background is not full black like yours? And how come my top 12 friends switched?
http://profile.mysp ser.viewprofile&friendid=10825 948

much thanks!

Posted by datwunguy on Jun 3, 07 4:03 pm

Can you tell me why my background is not full black like yours?
http://profile.myspace .com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user .viewprofile&friendid=10825948

much thanks!

Posted by datwunguy on Jun 3, 07 4:02 pm

The title is so beautiful; it fits this layout very well & I love it. I am having an issue though: the box that's supposed to show my URL, well, it doesn't, & I can't figure out why... The URL shows when I remove your code from my "About Me" section & doesn't when I put it back... What can I do to fix this?

Posted by HelBel1199 on May 25, 07 1:24 pm

very cool did you take the picture?

Posted by IVIike on May 10, 07 9:34 am

Seeing as Createblog's image servers are down. If anyone wants the contact table and banner just send me a message. Upload them to photobucket or something and replace the code in the layout.

Posted by Mishka on Jan 1, 07 2:48 am

Perhaps view the preview, and save the picture to your own computer and upload it yourself to another site.

Posted by Insurmountable on Dec 20, 06 6:48 pm

It's not the Layout it's createblog's servers. You just have to wait until they fix the image servers.

Posted by Mishka on Dec 20, 06 6:41 pm

Hey - I love this layout, but it isn't working like it did before anymore.....the piano keys no longer show up, but all the other borders do. Any suggestions? I'd love to keep this layout if it would work again....

Posted by rj_loser on Sep 2, 06 4:16 pm

[b]Hi I have this layout on my myspace page... for the last two days my extended network banner and my contact table are not showing up... they are blank... is there a way to fix this problem or do I need to get another layout... I really love this layout

Posted by cinnamon_snapers on Sep 2, 06 4:15 pm

Then just put <font color=F5F5F5> before your text. Or before everything in each edit content section to make it easier.

Posted by Mishka on Aug 8, 06 5:58 am

i found this pretty highly reminiscent of the cursive - the ugly organ album artit's still pretty though.

Posted by caitlin charlotte on Jul 15, 06 9:23 pm

i really like this one! original and creative! great job!

Posted by krissybaby613 on Jul 12, 06 6:23 am

Beautiful!I really like pictures with broken piano keys for some reason...Great layout!

Posted by LostinaJungle on Jul 12, 06 2:29 am

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