Designer's Comments

Look carefully for specific instructions

FIRST - Remember to change all your styles to "Generator"

SECOND - Choose "Custom Colors" and set the following colors:
Page background: #FFFFFF
Page text: #00B5C0
Page link: #FF003C
Page visited link: #FF003C
Page active link: #FF003C
Page emphasized text: #FF003C
Page title: #FF003C
Weak accent: #FFFFFF
Text on weak accent: #F8AE43
Strong accent: #000000
Text on strong accent: #F8AE43
Stronger accent : #FFFFFF
Text on stronger accent: #F8AE43

Using This Layout

For specific instructions read designer's comments

  • 1. Log into (customize)
  • 2. Set Style System to S1
  • 3. Click on Look and Feel
  • 4. Set Layout to Generator
  • 5. Set Theme to Custom Colors and remove all fields
  • 6. Click on Look and Feel
  • 7. Copy (ctrl c) and paste (ctrl v) code to Overrides

Layout Code

Copy and paste to Overrides


Set style to Generator

Layout Comments

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i love the background image the most. :)

By futura on Jan 17, 2008 3:13 am

i love it!
any chance it can be used for a hi5 profile?

By XxcaligirlxX on Jul 17, 2007 5:18 pm

mm, my background turns on white, the ones right behind the textbox. the colours are right, and same with the code, but i don't know what's wrong.

By xpriscilla on Jun 19, 2007 8:05 pm

anyone care to help this noob in LJ?
My textboxes are very small compared to the preview one and there is a advert bar on the right hand side of my journal.=((

By nance on Jun 7, 2007 7:45 am

really cute. i am gonna try and use it.

By dorksarelove on Jun 6, 2007 6:13 pm

i used this layout for a while i loved it that much

By hypnotique on Nov 25, 2006 7:27 pm

is there anyway on making the txt box bigger? cause my longer posts end up being awkward to read since it's about 6 words on every line or btw..the layout is AWESOME =) EDIT:nvm got it XD =)

By carmmm on Nov 13, 2006 12:40 am

Hello! It is a very pretty layout, i am using it.May I ask how to make one?Thank you.

By letmelaugh on Oct 21, 2006 12:42 am

i LOVE the flowers. and it really pops on the black.except in fireforx, the journal entries and whatnot aren't like how they're supposed to be, i think it's default.

By joiedevie on Sep 21, 2006 7:49 pm

lovin' it!

By sana on May 21, 2006 3:42 pm
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