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To enable this script just include the lines below in the head section.

<script type="text/javascript">
/* Works on any browser :)
Leave this credit area please?
Bertoni Moretti @ bottie.org */

function colEl(eltgt,bgc,col){ // the function name and the empty variables are created in this line
eltgt.style.backgroundColor = bgc; // this changes the background colour
eltgt.style.color = col; // this changes the colour

To use the script you can call the function using mouse event functions like onClick, onMouseOver/onMouseOut, and so on. For example (using the onClick event):

<a href="javascript://" onClick="colEl(object_name, 'background_colour', 'colour');">CLICK TO CHANGE COLOUR</a>

or using the onMouseOver/onMouseOut function

onMouseOver="colEl(object_name, 'background_colour_before', 'colour_before');"

onMouseOut="colEl(object_name, 'background_colour_after', 'colour_before');"

NOTE: This script is best for DIV, and other sorts of container elements (TABLE elements, etc).

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