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please can u help me with DIV layouts
im new to this stuff
thats y I signed up to
this website but i dont get
any of this stuff u__u

Posted by mm27 on Aug 16, 09 1:22 pm

i could kiss you, if this weren't the internet! thx for the tip!

Posted by ingodwerust on Aug 11, 09 12:40 am

Haha, holy crap, WOW!!

Posted by lesliewelcomesyou on Jul 22, 09 4:31 pm

So many visitor complaints about using IE with website layouts.

I will never have to read another one again.


Posted by diningwiththeenemy on May 8, 09 9:18 am

Somewhat helpful if I even care what others see if there not using my browser. but hey. NEAT!

Posted by JenniferCecelia on Mar 5, 09 5:22 pm

Hey, Im new & i was wondering if you could show me how to make a DIV layout. Im like COMPLETELY LOST. lol. I know basic HTML but I know nothing about layouts

Posted by amazinq-dori on Jan 25, 09 4:23 pm

I want to know how to make a div if you could please show me thanks (:

Posted by kara2013 on Nov 30, 08 2:07 pm

will someone PLEASE show me HOW to make a div to start with?

i'd LOVE to learn how.


Posted by synshadowsvengeance on Nov 17, 08 12:36 am

wow. thanks~
i'll remember to use this when i make a web layout.

Posted by ChauVu93 on Nov 8, 08 1:39 pm

hey. thanks for the tip.
I used it and it works beautifully. I can't get in lined up in Safari- any tips?

Posted by flukedflautist on Sep 22, 08 4:36 pm

thank youuuu thank youuuuu!!!! had majorrrrr problems now i dont =)

Posted by emmijane on Sep 11, 08 11:35 am


Posted by miraclesxhappen on Sep 5, 08 10:01 am

:D hah tightt

Posted by josuffpaul on Jul 16, 08 5:04 am

i need help
on myspace my div layout
the top of it atleast
cant be seen because of the top links
how can i hide those links

Posted by FxckIt on Jul 6, 08 5:17 pm

I have designes my own DIV layout, but dont know how to put it onto myspace, so it works, can anybody help me:S...i heard that you have to hide your original profile or something like that..i can do thatt, but what do i do next to get my own DIV Layer up and running..T3eW3e

Posted by T3eW3e on Jun 18, 08 11:50 am

that's really cool! I'll definitely try this sometime, thanks for sharing! =]

Posted by shmuggy on Apr 19, 08 7:15 am

Can you tell me how to center my layout.
I didn't make it I'm just using it and it is aligned to the left but I want it centered on my page.

Posted by tatertott4 on Apr 2, 08 9:37 pm

that is an awesome trick i have avoided divs when it comes to placing images for that reason.... i use tables for images and divs for text in coding my website but now i can do div layering becuase it will actually work in FF thank you

Posted by catrina339 on Mar 19, 08 3:43 am

so basically what ur saying is that if you take out the underscore it will work on IE and FF? somewhat confused! (*I just started making DIVS, and I have the very same problem!*) they come out great in IE, but in FF it sucks! help!

Posted by stargal2636 on Feb 29, 08 12:19 pm

WOW this is amazing! :D haha!

Posted by Elanessea on Feb 25, 08 5:22 pm

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