How do I add a favicon to my website?

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1.) First off make sure that your image is size 16 x 16

2.) Make sure to save your favicon in your image files and name it favicon.ico

3.) Now upload your image directly into your main root directory

(where you upload your web-site pages)

4.) Insert the code in the box below into every one of your web-site pages that you have designed, between your HEAD tags as seen below. Make sure you remove the spaces inside the tags.

There you have it!

Your favicon should be in use.
< TITLE>My Title< /TITLE>
< /HEAD>

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By cheap18 on Sep 17, 2015 8:10 am

should i put http: ?? ..what about if my website only in localhost?

By sueirna on May 4, 2012 3:44 am

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