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a href and a name tags and their abilities-
a href tag
< a href="#bottom" >Example of an a href tag telling the visitor to go to the bottom< /a >
Interior Links- Inside the site, works with linking to other pages or using the a name tag
Exterior Links- Outside of the site, works with linking form your homepage to or

The a href tag is mainly used for links to another website or page on your website.
There are internal and external links (explained above).
You can edit and create a style for the links like you see on my site but I'll get into that in another tutorial.

A name tag-

The a name tag is usually for link either from the top of a page to some other place on the page or from the bottom of the page to the top.

This tag MUST be used with an a href tag because you need something to tell the text that you would like linked where to go, the a name tag alone is useless.

There are many people who use this to make it easier for their visitors to find what they are looking for.
It is used on many pages like Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages and pages like that.

The a name tag is generally used like so:

< a_name="name of the link">Text you would like linked (not mandatory)< /a >

more text random text whatever

< a_href="#name of the link" >Text you would like linked, like top, bottom etc.< /a >

The a name tag and a href tag names have to match up perfectly but the a href tag MUST have a # sign in front of the name because that tells it to link to an a name link.

The a name tag does not need any text in between the > and < brackets.

< a href="#top" >Example of an a href tag telling the visitor to go to the top of the page< /a >

= Try it out for yourself!

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