Image Map just using Firefox. (comments)

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omfg i love you...srsly. thank you!!

Posted by jessecatastrophe on Jun 18, 09 6:54 pm

wait how do I put the text

Posted by emo-princess on May 29, 09 12:08 pm

Okay I got it from there but does the second time you get the numbers does it have to have all the XX's or do you just do what the numbers give you?

Posted by Twilightgirl19 on Feb 5, 09 12:55 am

just a quick question
how do i find the coordinates of the area?

Posted by dyindyinjohnson on Jan 3, 09 1:26 am

hey! this is a great tutorial but i have two questions..

1)what coordinates do i put in " < div class="temp" style="position: absolute; top: XXpx; left:XXpx; > " ?

2) where in myspace do i put this code? about me or whod i like to meet?


Posted by teamemmett on Oct 9, 08 7:06 pm

if one download it then would it still work if you were to use another internet browser?

Posted by chocolatetulips on Sep 3, 08 9:03 am

Yeah how do you get rid of the blue line?

Posted by webuildfire on Jul 3, 08 1:18 am

This was a really helpful guide, but for some reason my image has a blue boarder around it. What did I do wrong/how do I get rid of it?

Posted by YukinoIsuzuX on Jun 20, 08 2:30 am

I love you for making this tutorial!
I've been wanting to learn how to make one of these for like, EVER!
this is very helpful and I understood everything.
Even when I'm very tired. =/


Posted by RetroRay on Jun 12, 08 6:00 am

can anybody help me out on step 5

Posted by kennisya on Jun 2, 08 12:13 pm

where do you make the image after you have downloaded the add-on. help me

Posted by dannyboy123 on May 27, 08 5:41 pm

can you help me i dont get step 5 :\

Posted by skater8385 on May 16, 08 7:10 pm


Posted by itgalary on May 16, 08 10:21 am

I love this tut!
thanks a lot!

Posted by tarynanhao on May 6, 08 5:27 pm

If for any reason the links on this become inactive, please let someone on staff know.

Very useful btw :D

Posted by synapse on May 5, 08 1:30 am

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